Friday, January 15, 2021

The Biden American Recovery Plan

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E. Eugene Webb PhD         

President elect Joe Biden introduced his first phase of the American Recovery Plan Thursday evening January 14th, 2021 in an early evening nationwide address.

The plan, put together by Biden and his aides, includes stimulus checks for about $1400 for individuals, rent subsidy support, an eviction moratorium, increased food stamp benefits, childcare credits, child tax credits, emergency paid leave support, extended unemployment support, small business support, additional funding for vaccinations, state and local government support, and support for a nationwide 15-hour minimum wage.

In Biden’s address, there is no mention of where the money to fund all this is going to come from, instead a reasoning that a massive 1.9 trillion-dollar investment will ultimately pay for itself in a renewed and invigorated economy.

Metaphorically speaking, given the current state of the economy, the continued spread of the coronavirus and an uncertain Congress, even though the Democrats hold a slim majority, it's difficult to be sure if there are enough pots or enough chickens.

President elect Biden’s calls for coming together, unity, and working across party lines, are going to be difficult for a lot of Americans to digest as they watch an inauguration which is going to take place in what will look like an armed fortress.

It almost raises the question: who is really trying to take over this government by force The Democrats or the Republicans?

The pundits are preaching armed attack and insurrection; the President-elect is calling for calm and contrition as Democrats have finally managed to accomplish their greatest goal of the Trump presidency: impeaching him for a second time. The US Senate will likely take up the impeachment trial a short time after the president's inauguration.

We haven't heard much from the far left of the Democratic Party as they prepare to inaugurate the new president, but rest assured the far left have not abandoned their socialistic views, and their desire to move this country in that direction.

In many ways, Biden’s America Recovery Plan has hints of a socialistic approach to managing a domestic disaster. We need to approach the future cautiously.

It's going to be a very difficult first 100 days for president elect Biden. With the massive issues on the domestic front and our friends and adversaries abroad viewing us as severely weakened, the Biden administration is certain to have its hands full.

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