Friday, October 23, 2020

Looking Forward to the 2020 Vote

 Florida West Coast

Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD

We're just a little over one week away From Election Day. The last debate is over, from here on out you pretty much have to rely on the newspapers', social media, and your best friends for election information.

Below is a summary of blog posts related to the election from BayPost Internet, you can click on the links for these posts.

You might have noticed the number of commercials regarding the minimum wage amendment to the Florida state constitution. There is an effort underway to convince you that raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour over about a five-year period will be devastating to small business.

When you're considering your votes on the amendments, you might want to take all of those small-business people's projections of their demise with a grain of salt.

If the amendment passes, and it requires a 60% majority to become law, the minimum wage rises in steps over the next few years ultimately reaching the $15 level.

I still think the $15 minimum wage amendment deserves your yes vote.

Whose Driving the Presidential Train????

Down Ballot Republicans - Will They Stick with Trump or Will the Party Fracture?

School Board Elections One of The Most Important Votes You'll Cast

School Boards Pushing for New Property Taxes - Beware

Florida Democratic and Republican Parties Attempt to Remove Amendment 3 from the November Ballot

Janet Long breaks Florida’s campaign financing law for 2nd time this year

Florida 2020 Ballot Referendums – What Do They Do

Voter Decision Tables

For State, County and local races check out FLOIDA POLITICS

Corruption claims rock final presidential debate

Be sure to vote.

Please remember every vote counts.

Up above you'll find a post related to down ballot voting. Your votes for US Congress and US Senate are extremely important in an election for the presidency which is sure to be as close as this one is going to be.

Also don't forget those County and city elections that are down on the ballot as well as the amendments which appear on the back.

Each of these people desiring to serve you as an elected public official deserves your consideration and your vote if they are the one you think can do the best job for you.

And while you're thinking about that remember this: the politicians that affect you the most directly are the local ones. Your City councils, County commissions State House and Senate Representatives so be sure to look at those choices and vote all the offices that appear down ballot.

As of today you can still drop off your ballot, and you could still put it in the Mail but just remember as we move out deeper into next week you may want to take advantage of that drop-off  sites, since the rules in Florida are: the ballot has to be in the hands of the Supervisor of Elections before the close of the poles on voting day, which is 7 PM.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Voter Turnout Initiatives Target Black, Jewish Communities

 Tampa, Fl

Tampa Bay Beat
By: Jim Bleyer

October 16, 2020 - 8:15 am

High-profile billionaires Tyler Perry and Michael Bloomberg are bankrolling a final push in Florida to ensure two reliable Democratic constituencies cast their ballots Nov. 3.

Their respective efforts are to motivate blacks and Jews to vote in what both men view as the most pivotal election in the history of the republic. Both groups traditionally vote for Democrats  overwhelmingly.

Perry and the Equal Ground Education Fund, which is the Black led non-partisan non-profit working on building Black political power in Florida, are teaming up to launch a massive socially-distanced “Souls to the Polls” effort to educate and turnout Black voters across the state. 

The Perry initiative is billed as “nonpartisan” but it’s no secret that the voter suppression effort in Florida aimed primarily at people of color is a strategy of the Republican party led by Gov. Ron DeSantis.  Acclaimed actor/writer/producer/director Perry chipped in to bolster the $500,000 drive.

The Bloomberg-related effort is unequivocally partisan.  The founder of the world’s leading financial data service donated $250,000 to the Jewish Democratic Council of America’s super political action committee to support digital outreach efforts targeting Jewish voters in Florida in support of Joe Biden.

Pundits view Florida, with 29 prized electoral votes, as the key to Donald Trump’s re-election.  Without lassoing a victory in the Sunshine State, Trump’s chances for a second term are rated universally as next to nil.

“A national pandemic, racial tensions, blatant disregard for black bodies and a presidential election that can’t be won without the votes of Black folks have shaped the way we connect with voters,” said Jasmine Burney-Clark founder of the Equal Ground Education Fund.

“Despite Florida’s historical disenfranchisement of Black voters our voices will be heard whether we vote by mail or early,” Burney-Clark went on.  “Our work to provide robust voter education and ensure that accurate information reaches our communities is the highest priority and is what this partnership with Tyler Perry is going to do.” 

For the last two weekends of early voting, Equal Ground will host “Park & Praise” events targeting 250,000 voters in 25 counties where ballots can be dropped off amid live music and speeches.

In years past, Souls to The Polls was held in the urban centers of the state. However, this time, this strategy has been extended to not only include these urban centers, but also more rural counties during a presidential year where there are pockets of black folks who are often ignored.

So besides the usual suspects—Miami-Dade, Duval, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Orange—this election cycle’s focus includes such counties as Wakulla, Gadsden, Madison, Taylor, Calhoun, and Gulf.

The Bloomberg-backed initiative seeks to shepherd a group that registers and votes in percentages greater than its raw numbers.

“Jewish voters can and will make the difference in Florida in support of Joe Biden,” said former U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, chairman of the Jewish Democratic Council of America. The council estimated there are 722,000 eligible Jewish voters in Florida, which is 4.2 percent of the electorate.

Florida’s Jewish population is estimated at 3.2 percent.

“Every vote will matter in Florida, and Jewish voters in Florida have the chance to vote for a president who will unite us, not divide us,”  according to a Bloomberg statement  published in the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “Joe Biden will be that president, and I’m glad to support the Jewish Democratic Council of America PAC as they reach Jewish voters online throughout the state of Florida and encourage them to vote for Joe and Kamala.”

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Voter Decision Tables

Florida West Coast
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD

Need some help organizing your thoughts about who to vote for? 

Check out the BayPost Voter Decision Tables Below. 

Below is a universal VOTER DECISION TABLE.

Simply put the candidates names under the Candidate column. There are a couple  of blank spots in the criteria column so you can add some of your specific issues for each race. 

Once you have completed the tables, add up the check marks and vote for the candidate 
with the largest total.

Remember you can also access this post with your smart phone.

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