Friday, January 22, 2021

DeSantis and Biden How Will It Go?



Opinion by:
E. Eugene Webb PhD

As we move into the new political year with a new president, things are going to change dramatically in Florida’s relationship with the White House.

Governor Ron DeSantis has had an outstanding relationship with the Trump administration and was a staunch supporter of President Trump until the very end.

This close relationship with former President Trump produced unparalleled access for the Florida Governor to the White House and its many resources. Now things have changed.

The question now becomes, how will DeSantis govern as it relates to the new Biden administration?

Check out News Channel 8 by Mahsa Saeidi ‘Big mistake’: DeSantis criticizes Biden’s plan for vaccine distribution but can he stop it?

And in Patch by Skyla Luckey Gov. DeSantis Bucks President Joe Biden's COVID-19 Vaccine Plan.

The Oval Office is no longer a phone call away for the Florida Governor, and DeSantis, who can be pointedly blunt and often controversial, has had his eye on a run for the presidency since the day he was elected governor.

I'm pretty sure none of that is lost on President Biden and his advisors.

 If Governor DeSantis continues to take a negative approach to the Biden recovery plan, it will just simply not serve Floridians well.

DeSantis also has some homegrown issues primarily with Attorney General Ashley Moody, the current leading Democrat in Florida. Never bashful, look for Moody to get some additional support for challenges to the DeSantis’s agenda from the Biden administration.

The Florida governor may also find himself in a little more difficulty with The Florida Legislature. The question at hand is: if you're a member of the House or the Florida Senate, now that DeSantis doesn't have a hand in hand relationship with the White House does the legislature take a more independent view of their relationship with the governor's office and the governor's plans and policies?

And then there's the final question of what is Donald Trump going to do? With the former president parked in DeSantis' backyard, and Trump's unconventional approach to politics the Florida Governor could find himself in the middle of a major controversy should former President Trump decide to mount a significant political campaign hinting at a run in 2024.

While the outlook for Florida under the Biden administration doesn't look particularly grim, things are certainly going to change. Managing that change and dealing with the new Biden administration will be Governor DeSantis major challenge in 2021 and 2022.

How he approaches it will significantly affect all Floridians.   

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