Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Not Sure How to Vote? Check Out Our Voter Decision Table

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Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD

As we're coming down to the final days before the November presidential election, you may still be confused as to who you really are going to vote for.

Will it be Donald Trump and Mike Pence, or will it be Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

No doubt there is a lot of confusing information out there about each of these candidates and what they really stand for and what their most likely to do if elected president.

It's not really clear if either of the presidential candidates can pull off the promises, they're making to get your vote. So, what criteria will you use to determine who you will vote for if you haven't already voted?

Below is our voter decision table.

Simply put a check mark in the column under the presidential candidate that most fulfills your goals under each topic and if the topic is not important to you just don't put a check mark there.

In fact, if you have a couple of these that really don't matter to you, you can use them as the tie breaker should you come up with a tie in the number of checkmarks for each candidate. So, simply add up the check marks put the total at the bottom and vote for the candidate with the highest number of check marks.

So why not take a logical simplistic approach?
Or would you rather place your vote based on all of those commercials that you're seeing from all the PACs and the campaigns. Most of which aren't worth your time watching when you come right down to it.

Who is your guy on law and order? Who do you think would make the best vice president?

How's your 401K doing and how would you expect it to go under each candidate and which one would best be capable of creating an economy that will support your retirement investment needs?

If you have a prejudice don't be shy just vote it. It is still a secret Ballot.

If race is your driving motivation, then vote for the person that you think will be the fairest and the most effective in dealing with the racial situation our country is facing.

Who do you think has the best sense of right and wrong and how important is that to you?

You can blow through This little decision tree in about 30 seconds if you want to. However, why don't you take a few minutes and think about each one of the subjects and then place your check mark, or you might want to do it both ways.

Blow through the table as fast as you can, set it aside for a while come back and look at what those checkmarks say about you, how you feel about your country, and what you think about your future, and then you may want to change a few.

When you're all done just add them up grab your ballot and vote for the candidate who most meets your needs.

Good luck with all of this.

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