Sunday, September 20, 2020

Tampa Bay Bucs – Two Games on the Field


Tampa Bay, Fl 

Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD

 There could be trouble brewing at One Buc place. 

It's starting to look like, although it's still early in the season, there may be a clash of the Titans foaming up between the new Tampa Bay All Star quarterback Tom Brady and the seasoned old coach Bruce Arians.

It's really a battle of old-school football and new-school football. Bruce Arians is the old-school football coach. He's the guy who still believes football is all about hurting someone. To Arians, players are cogs in the wheel, should do their job, keep their mouth shut, and follow his orders.

Tom Brady, on the other hand, is new-school football. One who believes players are really people and people matter. Brady sees football as the game of chess, while Arians sees football as a game of checkers.
For a look at how all of this is playing out in the football world check out this piece from
CBS SPORTS.COM By  John Breech Sept 17, 2020: Tom Brady gets called out by Bruce Arians: Here's why Brett Favre thinks that could lead to problems in Tampa.
From the CBS SPORTS Post: “Now, maybe they had a mutual truce going into the game, going into the season, 'Hey, I'm going to be hard on you. I want the guys to know we're going to treat you the same even though technically I'm not, so are you OK with it?' If they have that truce, great. If not, I think you are barking up the wrong tree." If the two don't have an understanding, Favre said Arians' public criticisms could quickly lead to problems in Tampa Bay. 
For Brady’s response check out this from CBS SPORTS By Tyler Sullivan Sep 17, 2020
Tom Brady responds to Bruce Arians' criticism of him in Buccaneers opening loss to Saints
Arians said, "Tom and I are fine. I don't really care what other people think. So it's just what he and I think," Arians said. "We left the stadium fine. We showed up today fine. There ain't nothin' to talk about."
Could be. 

But if the Bucs should lose again this week, and God forbid the following week; the Glazers may have some serious soul-searching to do.
Having played for Bill Belichick, Brady's not particularly thin skinned but the issue, here isn't so much how Brady feels as it is about how the fan base may begin to react if open warfare erupts between Arians and Tom Brady.
For now, it may be time for Bruce Arians to get out of his famous golf cart, mingle with his players, help develop a little camaraderie, and promote a winning spirit. Not exactly Arians’ cup of tea, but better to drink this one than the really bitter one that might follow.
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Friday, September 18, 2020

Down Ballot Republicans - Will They Stick with Trump or Will the Party Fracture?

 Tampa Bay, Fl                                    

Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD

Downballot races have never been more important than they are in this presidential election. Here's a definition of down ballot and down ticket from Merriam-Webster:

Downballot and downticket are two new words that describe running or voting for offices listed below the most important—typically national—race on a ballot. For instance, in a presidential election, Senate and House seats and contests for state and local offices are downballot (or downticket) because their outcomes are often influenced by the turnout for the presidential race at the top of the ballot. Merriam-Webster

If you are following the campaign rhetoric so far in this presidential race, you will notice that The Republican candidates running for the US house, the US Senate, State and Local Offices have been strangely quiet in their comments regarding the presidential race.

While state and local offices are not all that important to the President, the status of the House and Senate are key to moving substantial legislative agendas forward. For example, if Biden and the Democrats win the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, the ability to move forward a left-leaning socialist agenda would be almost assured.

Trump, on the other hand, will most likely face an immediate impeachment proceeding should he win the Presidency and lose both the House and the Senate.

It's starting to look like they're going to be three national races in this Presidential election. The Democrats trying to get Biden and their down ticket US House and Senate candidates elected,  the Trumpicans trying to get President Trump reelected,  and the Republican Party trying desperately to get their US House and Senate, Governors and state legislative candidates elected.

All of this may be very confusing to the voter. As the media campaigns heat up it may not be clear which National Party is supporting what. The one thing for certain is this no voter regardless of party, Democrat or Republican, should just step up and vote a straight party ticket. If you are a Democrat that may be tempting. However, you need to think about the impact of a national government completely controlled by a left-leaning political party.

On the Republican side, as a voter you need to carefully consider the ballot, vote every race, and even if you're so dissatisfied with Trump you're not going to vote for him for president; you need to be sure to vote down ballot for the Republican candidates for no reason other than keeping the balance of power in place.

The framers of the Constitution deliberately set up our government with conflicting houses of government and conflicting political parties to ensure a balance of power, negotiation of issues, and compromise in solutions.

A lot of people these days are frustrated with our form of democracy. But now is no time to start down the path of replacing capitalism with socialism and democracy with anarchy.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

An Accurate Census? Don’t Count on It!


Tampa, Fl
Tampa Bay Beat
By: Jim Bleyer

September 14, 2020 - 6:31 pm

By Jim Bleyer

Every ten years the public is reminded, through news reports, commentary, and public service announcements just how important census-inspired statistics are to our economic well being and representative government.

Political districts at the federal, state, and local levels are drawn based on population data. Without an accurate count, it is impossible to ensure that citizens’ votes will have the same weight.

The results of the census are also used for federal funding: more money goes to places where more people live. And knowing who lives where and how the population is changing is also critical for long-term planning as states, counties, and municipalities try to make informed decisions about where to invest in services like schools, roads, transportation systems, and other infrastructure needs.

What is occurring with the 2020 Census is more than disturbing.

I worked for the U. S. Census in 2010.  I attempted to work for them in 2020. The country went from the Information Age to the New Stone Age in only a decade.

Ten years ago, I was an enumerator going door to door in various neighborhoods, meeting residents, and collecting census information.  Communication between myself and my supervisor could not have been better.  Reports were delivered and approved in a timely fashion.

The interviewees, for the most part, were amenable and forthright.  I found myself vaulting a chain link fence only once from a snarling  Rottweiler turned loose by an angry, unreceptive owner.

In 2020, I signed on to be a Post Enumerator Supervisor overseeing census workers making followup household interviews.  The census operation compared to 2010 could not be more stark: silk versus chaos.

The three-hour in-person orientation at the outset represented the high point of my experience and it wasn’t all that perfect.  The group received government-issued, pre-programmed computers, accessories, and a large plastic bag chock full of notepaper, ID signs for autos, a pen, Sharpies, and other miscellaneous materials.

All attendees took an oath not to reveal any information about individual respondents under penalty of prison time and a $250,000 fine. I don’t know about the rest of the trainees but I never came close to seeing any of that information.

Due to COVID, we were confined for the remainder of training to learning from programs on the government-issued computer at home.  Trainees were limited to 22 additional hours of such computer time, likely ample if the computer programs worked properly.  The amount of time spent on the computer due to crashed programs and not being credited for passing the various courses ran easily 5-6 hours.  A convoluted login process, unnecessary by any rational view, added to the consternation.

Posted on the internet in February:

The (non) issuance of ID badges, critical in conveying credibility to interviewees, was an adventure that deserves its own article. Suffice to say, many trainees not only complained about not receiving them (I was privy to group emails), arrangements to obtain them were vague, impractical, expensive, or all of the above.  For me, a 300-mile roundtrip (@ 58 cents a mile plus my hourly rate) was actually proposed by one supervisor.

After 3 weeks, I lost confidence in my employer to make order out of obvious chaos.  Other trainees faced the same barriers but I don’t know how many opted to resign or wait for Godot.

But it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of a few little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. The ramifications of delays, ineptitude, and the alphabet soup procedures could be far-reaching.

Last week it was revealed in Washington that internal Census documents acknowledged serious errors will occur because the Census Bureau is rushing the process. Right now, the Census Bureau plans to end the count one month early and cut data processing by two months.

The victims of any undercount: rural areas and communities of color.

Dozens of critical social services, education, and infrastructure programs depend on census-guided federal grants that provide many billions of dollars to states and local areas each year.

Participation in the census—or lack of—therefore has real fiscal consequences.

  Cross Posted with permission from: Tampa Bay Beat

This post is contributed by Tampa Bay Beat. The views and opinions expressed in this post are the author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Bay Post Internet or the publisher


Sunday, September 13, 2020

The NFL – It’s Time for a New Game

 Tampa Bay, Fl 

Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author:  In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.      

In a few hours The NFL season will kick off with its first round of games.

I won't be watching. 

It doesn't have anything to do with the NFL's decision to play the black national anthem before the Star Spangled Banner.

I gave up on the NFL a long time ago based on their racial policies and treatment of players.

This latest and probably most insensitive move by the NFL, comes at a time when a lot of people are calling for unity and this move does nothing but create divisiveness.

They always say the air is thin at the top and Roger Goodell has been there so long he must be suffering from oxygen deprivation.

I'm not sure who Goodell is pandering to, but you might want to check out my post Pandering to Black Lives Matter.

The whole idea of putting African Americans names and pictures on jerseys and helmets and other NFL paraphernalia, sounds more like an opportunity to generate revenue from, and take advantage of people who are already being taken advantage of, than it is an effort to recognize the horrific things they experience.

I used to catch a Tampa Bay Bucs game on TV every now and then just to check on the local team and see how they're doing. But that's over now too.

Football and the NFL in general need to recognize their place in society. 

It's a game, it's just a game the best way the NFL can deal with the issues of racial inequality is to make sure they're not part of the problem because they're never going to be part of the solution.

I'm sure most of you die hard football fans with a closet full of NFL jerseys and paraphernalia stacked all around your man cave are probably going to be glued to the tube watching the, game analyzing every play listening, to the goofy announcers with their dumb analysis and you're probably even going buy some of the products advertised on these NFL charades.

When you do remember this, you are supporting an organization (NFL) with a national reach that is making the racial problem worse not better by trying to divide us.

The NFL never does anything that is not in their own best interest. Kind of makes you wonder what they plan to get out of all this.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

DeSantis Picks Vape Shops Over Kid’s Health

 Tampa Bay, Fl 

Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author:  In Search of Robin
, So You Want to Blog.  

In a late Tuesday video message Governor Ron DeSantis called raising the age to 21 to purchase tobacco products in Florida superfluous since it's already mandated by federal law the bill which DeSantis vetoed Senate Bill 810 would have largely brought Florida into compliance with federal laws aimed at curbing teen vaping.

See Tampa Bay Times article by News Service of Florida: DeSantis vetoes Florida vaping bill, splitting with Ashley Moody. 

From the Times Article, George Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, said, “The bill would have had a devastating effect on the state’s economy. “When legislators voted for this bill, few had any idea that they were actually voting to shut down small businesses in their districts. This would have been disastrous not only for the 5,000-plus vapor-related jobs in Florida, but for the 800,000-plus adult vapers in Florida as well”

The facts still remain, that when you set something on fire or heat it up to the point where it turns into a smoking vapor and suck it into your lungs not much good is going to come of that. 

State Attorney General Ashley Moody and outgoing Senate President Bill Galvano worked tirelessly to develop the Legislation for Senate Bill 810 and shepherd it through both the House and the Senate.

This is just another bad decision by Governor DeSantis who has continued to error on the side of people who make money from issues in contrast to people who suffer health consequences from them.

The deed is done now; the smoke shops are still open, the kids under 21 can get their flavored smoke juice, and the health impact will be measured in damaged lungs and lost lives going forward.

There is unlikely to be a line on the DeSantis scorecard titled number of lives lost due to vaping, but there should be.

Next time you're walking down the street, sitting at the beach or maybe just hanging out in one of your favorite restaurants, and you see a cloud of orange vape smoke floating across the room or the beach or out of a car window you probably have our governor to thank for that.

I used to think DeSantis was a pretty smart guy. As I have mentioned I voted for him for governor. But every day he spends more time worrying about what Donald Trump might think or say and less time thinking about what is good for Floridians and their children.

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Condo Association/HOA Capers

Tampa Bay, Fl

Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author:  In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.      

Are you keeping track of your CONDO /HOA Board and their Management Company?

Tampa Bay Times BY EMILY L. MAHONEY: Police: Ex-St. Pete condo property manager vacationed at Disney on company dime.

From ECHO Educational Community For HOA Homeowners: Protecting Your HOA from Fraud and Embezzlement. From the article:

Here are some common fraud tactics used against HOAs:

  • Falsified bank statements
  • Falsified balance sheets
  • Payments made to vendors that didn’t exist
  • Exorbitant “consulting” fees paid to people who either did not exist or had no credentials to consult (except for on a fraudulent plan)
  • Payments for highly excessive or unnecessary repairs, amenities, etc. (like buying more patio furniture than would ever fit at the pool)
  • Over billing for contract services such as pest control or landscaping

Even if your HOA has minimal annual dues and common areas to maintain, it can still be an attractive target to a would-be thief.

Often, it’s your Management Company. See the List above.

Being the president of a condo Association or Home Owners Association is a daunting task at best. Even the smallest condo or HOA has most of the problems of the large ones.

Board officers and board members along with committee members are all part-time volunteers and are rarely well informed on the legal structure and the Florida statutes regarding these associations.

Larger HOA and Condo Associations have the luxury of sufficient budgets to hire CPAs and often their own attorneys. Smaller Condo and HOA Associations are left to struggle with the issues of finance, contract management, legal issues, and disputes on their own.

You only have to go to Google an enter something like “condo Association fraud” or “HOA problems” and you will get enough reading material to keep you occupied and entertained for some time.

The perfect opportunity for fraud exists when everyone “keeps to themselves,” and no one pays attention to the Board of Directors, the person or persons managing the money, and supposedly paying the bills.

Check This one out: Pennsylvania Real-Time News By Matt Miller: Woman who stole more than $1K at Carlisle Barracks hit with new embezzlement charge in West Virginia.

It would also be a good idea to check and see if your Condo or HOA Board members have met the Certification Requirements Of Florida Statute 720. If not, any action they take my not be legal or enforceable.

You might be considering becoming an officer or member of your Condo or HOA Board, if you are check out these things. Florida Statute 720, your Associations Declarations and By Laws, and ask some former officers or Board members.

It is a great way to lose friends, make enemies, screw up your retirement and send you looking for few acres with no HOA to build your new home.

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Friday, September 4, 2020

Pandering to Black Lives Matter

Tampa Bay, Fl 

Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author:  In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.

You see it everywhere: The Black Lives Matter banner.

It was on the Amazon splash page for a while, it's draped across Walmart stores entrances, Google couldn’t resist. You see it in corporate mission statements. You see it on news media outlets, fast-food restaurants, and bumper stickers.

Are all these people really interested in the objectives of Black Lives Matter or are they just pandering to those who drive the movement in an effort to or make themselves look good, and feel better or curry favor to keep their businesses from being attacked?

I think the nonviolent Black Lives Matters movement deserves support.

There is and always has been racial inequity. It's not just here in the United States it's global, and in fact, discrimination based on racial and ethnic differences literally goes back to the beginning of time.

It's also not just the businesses and corporations that are pandering to the black lives movement, but a number of the less enlightened millennials in our society have grasped on to Black Lives Matter as a way to express their animosity toward what they consider the “system” and also as a way to work out their frustrations by protesting in violence.

So here is what I think is the bottom line. Walmart for all the signs they hang on their buildings is not going to have much impact on how local law enforcement and racism play out on the streets.

Microsoft, Facebook, Google and all the other large corporations that are running around waving the Black Lives Matter flag really have the same problem.

They can make a lot of noise, fan the flames, and encourage the protesters but none of them are going to get down in the trenches and try to fix the endemic problem of racism in law enforcement in the United States.

They all may have a lot of money, but none of them have the courage to standup be counted and cause a change. They haven't so far, and they won't in the future there's just too much to lose.

Tampa Bay Bucs Head Coach Bruce Arians may have it right when he recently said, “Protesting doesn’t do crap, in my opinion. I’ve been seeing it since 1968.” “I don’t know that protest is an action,” and that he would beg players, “To take action, find a cause and either support it financially or do something to change the situation.”

Professional athletes have every right to protest. They have every right to shut down their owners’ teams and games, and all the rest of us have every right to stop watching and quit buying the products that pay for the ads that support the sport.

Arians is right. All this noise is just that so much noise and in fact, the black lives matters structure is now; I believe, clearly in danger of doing more harm to their cause than they are doing good.

It's time for the true leaders of Black Lives Matters to step to the forefront condemn those who would burn, loot, do violence and threaten the very fabric of our society and engage those who would willingly go hand in hand with them peacefully to help resolve the horrific racial issues inherent in law enforcement and in other areas of our society.

It's just really difficult for a small businessman or a medium-sized businessperson to legitimately support calls for police reform while he's watching his business being looted in a protest.

 As long as that's the approach change is going to be really difficult.

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