Friday, September 25, 2020

Whose Driving the Presidential Train????

 Tampa Bay, Fl  
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD


Mail in ballots in Florida will soon be showing up in your mailbox. Keep your eye out for them follow the instructions, vote, get it in the Mail and set back and enjoy the show.

The issue in this post is what happens after the election after the lawsuits after the ballot counting after the Supreme Court decides who's going to be the next president?

The question is: who will be driving the presidential train?

This presidential election will have vast ramifications on the direction our country will go.

There are a number of scenarios that can play out here.

The Democrats can sweep the House, the Senate and the Presidency.

Democrats can win the Presidency lose the Senate and retain the House.

The Republicans can win the Presidency and retain the Senate.

The Republicans can win the Presidency and lose the Senate and the House.

Each scenario presents a unique opportunity.

Let’s look at two of the more interesting scenarios.

The Democrats sweep the House, the Senate and the Presidency.

First, there is little doubt that should Joe Biden win the presidency, he will be just slightly more than a figurehead president. The liberal left wing of the Democratic Party is so well positioned that Biden will be left with little choice but to follow a liberal left policy approach. Kamala Harris will be given much broader authority as the vice president, and the presidential inner circle will be heavily populated with far-left liberal people.

In this scenario, the United States begins a slow but steady drift into Socialism. Obamacare is expanded into Medicare for all; social welfare programs are expanded, taxes on the middle upper-middle class and wealthy are increased significantly as investment falters and the equity markets gradually decline.

The Republicans win the Presidency and lose the Senate and the House.

In this scenario, Trump must immediately go on defense. With the Democrats in control of both houses of Congress, Trump's impeachment is almost a given. The interesting question here is will Trump stand and fight or will he cut a deal with the Democrats that provides for either a full pardon or absolute immunity from further prosecution. Trump is not nearly as interested in his presidential legacy as he is in his future freedom. Look for a deal.

If Mike Pence assumes the presidency, we should be in for two years of incessant wrangling between Congress and the White House, followed by midterm elections where the Democrats lose one or both houses of Congress. Things will get back to normal or something close to it.

The socialist agenda will be delt a serious blow. 

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