Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Keeping St. Petersburg Special - Saying no to "Bezu"!

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St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog


The Issue 

In these days of boom time growth, it's not easy keeping the city special & getting the city to say no to misplaced development. But, it can be done if we speak up, show up and show we want to preserve the 'Burg.

"Bezu" (reportedly being renamed as "Blue Lotus") is the massive, out of place high rise condo proposed for the corner of 4th Ave. N. & 1st Street, in the heart of the Downtown National Register Historic District. In August, city council voted 4-4 to approve the project's site plan. But council must act again before the project can move forward!

The Latest 

The final city council review for Bezu takes place December 6 and includes an opportunity for public comment. Council must must determine if Bezu will be consistent with the city's Intown Redevelopment Plan ("IRP"). Among other provisions, the IRP requires new development to relate in building scale and mass with the surrounding neighborhood - a far stretch for a high rise towering up from the sidewalk in the midst of a surrounding neighborhood of historic buildings.

Take Action 

Join Our Movement by taking a stand, speaking up and saying YES to keeping St. Petersburg special and NO to Bezu!

· Click here to send your message (pre-drafted) to city council; (please do so even if you have done so in the past) or

· Click here to create your own message (pre-addressed)

· Click here for more info at the PTB Bezu advocacy action page.

· Attend the Public hearing (details below)

City Council Hearing 
Thursday, December 6 
9 AM 
Council Chambers at City Hall 
175 5th Street North 

RSVP below to let us know you'll be joining us at the public hearing 

(we will keep you updated about agenda time, etc.)! 

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