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Why Does St. Petersburg, Florida Have The Worst Noise Ordinance In The Nation?

This is the first article in a series that discusses the noise issue, how I became involved, wasted taxes, encroaching business districts on the neighborhoods, City and Council's role, noise pollution and how this has impacted me.

St. Petersburg Fl
Public Opinion by author: Robert Neff

 The answer comes down to two people responsible for enforcing the noise ordinance, Mayor Kriseman, elected in 2013, and Police Chief Holloway hired in 2014

From 2009-2016 there were 27,638 calls to police for noise and no citations were issued for businesses or residences. Since Mayor Kriseman and Police Chief Holloway assumed the office and position, they have not enforced the City Noise Ordinance.
For the past year, I have conducted an exhaustive investigation at my expense and time. I reversed engineered that data and content from disparate data sources. My conclusion is simple, St. Petersburg has the worst noise ordinance in the nation because no business or residence has been fined for repeated offenses.
Mayor Kriseman is wasting resident's tax dollars.
Mayor Kriseman 
While the City of St. Petersburg promotes itself as a progressive and hip city, in the past, the noise issue has been a hot topic for both residents and businesses. The city is growing fast and businesses districts are expanding next to residential areas and neighborhoods. The noise ordinance protects businesses, not residents. 
Mayor Kriseman and City Council are responsible for the City's residents and welfare. They must decide whether or not they want to lead the nation and protect residents from repeat noise offenders, or continue to protect businesses or strike a balance? 

Noise Ordinance 2nd Public Hearing 

Public input is being sought. You may express your concerns and thoughts by emailing the Mayor at mayor@stpete.org, and your council member, council@stpete.org

I will be commenting on the meetings, the ordinance's progress and findings. Should you have a story to share or a question, contact me directly via email.

When the City of St. Petersburg noise issue became an issue for others and him, Mr. Neff dusted off his skills to conduct the investigation, data collection and data analysis. 

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