Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Max - Blind But Now I See

It was 1 year ago today December 10, 2012. At about 7:45 AM I loaded my 5 year old Poodle, Max, into my pickup truck, Max's favorite vehicle, for a trip to Blue Pearl Veterinary clinic on Ulmerton road.

It had been a tough year. Max, had developed server cataracts and was completely blind in one eye and had limited visibility in the other. As I climbed into the truck, Max glanced my way and then stared intently out the window trying to see his surroundings.

Max is a happy dog, playful, loving and really smart. He had adjusted to his gradual loss of sight, as most dogs do, and at times it was hard to tell he was almost blind. Things had gotten steadily worse over the summer and fall. After consultation with several canine ophthalmologists the decision was made to do double cataract surgery.

My eyes moistened a bit as this would be a land mark day, the day Max would see again.

We took the short ride to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners clinic where I handed Max over to the care of an exceptional staff and caring canine ophthalmologist Dr. Michele Stengart DVM, ACVO.

Two options, leave Max overnight or pick him up at 4:30PM and then return first thing the next day
for a quick check up. I opted to pick him up so he could spend the night at home.

The day went by quickly, a call from the clinic about 1:00PM indicated the surgery had gone well.

I arrived at the Blue Pearl Clinic promptly at 4:30PM excited to say the least.

After some instructions on keeping Max quiet for the night, a tall order to say the least, and how to administer the numerous medications and eye drops needed for the next few days, they brought Max out.

The only word I have ever been able to make fit is stunning.

Max walked into the waiting room, stopped and looked me over from head to toe as if drinking it all in.

I picked him up and headed out to the truck, putting him in the passenger seat.

When I was seated in my seat he just sat there starring at me for the longest time, then he climbed up on the console that separates the two seats and licked my face all over. Returned to his seat and looked at me as if to say "let's go home now"

Needless  to say it was several moments before I could gain enough composure to drive home.

After a year and three follow-up visits Max is doing great.  It's been a wonderful year. Max romps and plays with our other dog Harley, chases squirrels and lizards, guards the house by keeping watch out the window, and can see things I can't make out.

He still gets a few eye drops each day to keep his eyes moist other than that everything is great.

One interesting observation. Most dogs won't maintain eye contact with a human for long. Not Max, at least once a day Max hops up in my lap sets there and looks deeply into my eyes for the longest time.

If you would like to follow Max's return to sight, here are links to the Posts I wrote last year during the process.

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