Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday December 8, 2013

St. Pete Politics
The clock winds down toward inauguration day as Mayor Elect Rick Kriseman's transition team works toward recommendations on key issues. You can find a list of meeting times and locations at Mayor Elect Kriseman's Transition Team. All of these meetings are open to the public and you are encouraged to attend.

The Mayor elect announced Nikki Gaskin-Capehart as the new Director of Urban Affairs.

Still no word on key appointments such as Chief of Staff and the new Communications Director along with other staff changes. 

Possible political drift is already occurring in the new City Council Members as Darden Rice may have signaled a departure from her hard stand against red-light cameras as she indicated she " she wants to see more data before deciding on a course of action.” More at Future of Red Light Cameras Could be first test for new St. Pete City Council Members.

Around Town
Looks like the slow moving Bay Walk , soon to be The Shops at St. Pete, will have a spring launch. If you missed it check out Chris O'Donnell St. Pete Tribune Piece, Ex-Baywalk to get Upscale over haul. Also don't be too disappointed if this drags on into the summer.

Bar owners and late night drunks all over the Bay area were shivering in their shoes as the Hillsborough County Commission pondered moving closing time back to Midnight. Not to worry, Hillsborough commissioners were deeply influenced by whining bar owners. Late night consumption will continue for now.

GreenLight Pinellas
The effort moves on with the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce soundly jumping on board with a ringing endorsement. I wonder if they gave even a moment's thought that a big hunk of this proposed tax is coming out of the spendable incomes of the customers and of their members.

I got taken to task on one of my Posts Greenlight Pinellas the Hype and the Circumstance by a well versed reader. You can see his comments and my response at GreenLight Pinellas a Commenter responds.

Thank all of you who take the time to comment on these posts.

I was Blind But Now I See

Next week December 10 is the first anniversary of my poodle Max's double cataract surgery. 

Be sure to check in Tuesday at St. PETEPATCH or Bay Post Internet and catch up on his progress.

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