Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday November 10, 2013

St. Pete Elections
Well, it's all over Rick Kriseman is St. Pete's new Mayor, Darden Rice, Amy Foster, Karl Nurse and somewhat unfortunately Jim Kennedy are on City Council.

Lorraine Margeson ran as good a race as she could against Jim Kennedy despite that she started late, had limited campaign experience and remained consistently underfunded. She did manage to wake Sleepy up at least for a while.

Most impressive was Carolyn Fries, who put up a real challenge to Darden Rice, given she was at a political and significant funding disadvantage. Most people thought this would be a total blow out and while Darden's margin of victory was impressive, Fries' showing was very respectable.

Here is hoping both of these candidates will continue to pursue public service.

Several sitting City Council members were excited about the results and all indicated to me they were looking forward to a more cooperative and congenial relationship among themselves and with the new Mayor.

Here's hoping that comes to fruition.

As for me, I think ST. Pete came out the big winner on Tuesday.

Take a Break
You can take a brief break for political attack ads, stuffed full mail boxes and smiling candidates on your TV, but it will only be brief so enjoy it. Already the Governor Scott political machine is ramping up to attack Charlie Crist. Most Morgan and Morgan ads will feature Charlie and the race for Bill Young's seat will leave you bedazzled as people move into the district to get a home field advantages.

Green Light Pinellas
Look for this effort to really ramp up, more junk in your mail box, as the light rail people promise you they only want to raise your sales tax and use your money to improve bus service. So far I am not impressed. I'll be following this one.

 Obama Care
This one is bad enough to give even the President the twitches. Problematic from politics to prescriptions, the mess this program is creating and will continue to create will linger for a long time.

If you're in the so-called desirable group ( 25 to 45 and healthy) they need you to help fund this debacle so it does not become a drag on the treasury. Don't be in a big rush

If I were in that group, I think I would pay the fine and set it out for the first year until this thing calms down.
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