Friday, August 30, 2013

Your Questions for the Candidates

As we move into the final stages of the St. Petersburg municipal elections, I thought you might have a question you would like to ask the candidates.  Since it is not possible for everyone to attend a candidates' debate or forum, I would like to pose five of your questions to the candidates.

I my Post  It's Time To Go On the Record I posed seven questions to all of the primary candidates and most responded.

If you have a question for a council candidate or the mayoral candidates send it to me in an e-mail,  or post as a Comment below. I'll collect them, prepare the list for each race, send it to the candidates and then Post the results here on PATCH.

The current hot button issues like the Pier, red light cameras and the Rays will be covered by the candidates current stump answers, and it is unlikely there will be any major position changes.

There are however, a number of other issues that might interest you such as Baywalk, street repair, police building, fire readiness and issues specific to your neighborhood. You might also have questions about the budget, police staffing, Codes enforcement, parks and schools.

I already have a few, so send me your questions as soon as possible so I can start getting with the candidates.
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