Sunday, September 1, 2013

SUNDAY September 1, 2013

Are the Rays Really that Expensive?

This week I spent a few days at the Marriot World Center in Orlando. For those of you unfamiliar with the World Center, it is the really big hotel visible from I-4 as you are coming up on the Disney exits.

The World Center is literally in the middle of huge undeveloped piece of property several miles from any of the commercial areas of Orlando. So once you are on the property you are shall we say "captive". If you happen to arrive without a car, you are really stuck.

One of the guests commented that breakfast for his wife and two kids was about $80.00. Beers were about $11.00, $9.00 for the Rays , Hotdogs were $9 to $12 compared to $7 for the Rays.

So I guess everything is relative, but it did make the Rays look like a bargain.

St. Pete Elections

As much as we would like to think the St. Pete Mayors Race is non partisan, we would really be living in the past. Even though Bill Foster has yet to figure out the large view, the  position of Mayor of St. Petersburg Florida carries and ever growing amount of State political clout. As  indicated by State Senator Jack Latvala calling for the State Republican Party to step up and support Foster, the Republican. So much for a nonpartisan election. I seriously doubt that the State Republican Party leaders trust Foster anymore than any of us locals do, but they may feel obligated to step in and help out.

I'll have more to say about how we deal with big Party politics coming into the Mayor's race next week.

A complaint was filed this week regarding the Democratic Party's support of Rick Kriseman. I too have been critical of the amount of Party money coming into the election. There is however a time to walk away. This is not the kindergarten play ground, it has been a long time since fairness played a significant role in politics and complaining about losing either in person or through a surrogate doesn't help anything.  

In that regard, if the objective is to defeat Bill Foster, then taking your ball and running and hiding is not the best approach. Ford should endorse Kriseman and if she has a complaint with the Party take it up in person in private.

I sat down with Rick Kriseman and his campaign manager Saturday to have a serious conversation about his candidacy and the election. We talked about the campaign, the out of town support, neighborhoods and some other issues.

Watch for my Post next week.

Great Confessions

Peter Schorsch admitted, to almost no one's surprise, he was responsible for the guy in the chicken suit that daunted Kathleen Ford's campaign. Was Peter really THE guy in the chicken suit? I don't think so, the chicken was too skinny.

There will be some carping about all of this, but the lesson is: if, as a candidate, you set yourself up in a vulnerable position someone, whether it be a guy in a chicken suit, someone with a camera or a keyboard will likely exploit it. Politics has become a tough racket and trying to get even or crying about it is just not good politics.

828 Alliance

The 828 Alliance handed the Mayor a mixed bag. The seemingly primary recommendation was to consider renovating the existing Pier. That must have sent Mayor Fosters' gut into a major wrench, since his primary objective in shutting down the Pier was to send a message to all of those naysayers out there. It would almost be poetic justice if the Inverted Pyramid survived and Bill had to look at it every time he came down to the water front.

 GECKO FEST - Gulfport

Theresa and I headed down to Gulfport on Saturday afternoon for a tour through Gecko Fest. Very nice event, two stages lots of good music and a good crowd given the early rain and really hot temperatures.

One thing missing, a few chairs and tables to set down and enjoy the food from the event food vendors. There were a lot of really good looking food options, but your only choice was to stand and eat. We passed on lunch and ended up eating up in South Pasadena.


I would like to pose five (5) questions to each of the candidates in all of the City races. I already have a number of responses, If you have a question for a particular candidate send it to me at the e-mail address below

e-mail Doc at:, or send me a Facebook Friend request.

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