Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Walk to Eternity

It was over in a flash. I never heard a sound. There was no pain, no hurt.
One moment I was there and the next I was here. There was now a divide between me and what was once my reality.

The scene was clear and vivid. It was me laying there my life's blood slowly escaping my body.

But I was not there. I was in this new place.

I turned and looked around. It was misty and warm the was a scent of freshness in the air. I turned back to look across the divide an now the image was dimmer.

I could still see the details. There were others there now ministering to my body in a vain attempt to save my life.

But it was too late as one by one they reconciled my fate, all the time the image grew dimmer.

Soon it was gone.

Where was I? I had full presence of my soul but no idea of where I really was.

What seemed like a path lay before me and I began to walk.

It seemed like hours, but then in the distance something was there. A man. He looked at me and spoke, "welcome, your journey is near an end, do not turn back, just a bit further"

Ahead a light shown clearly and I followed it slowly as I had become weary from my journey.

As I turned a corner suddenly there was a great city in distance, and before me a gate. A man surrounded by what appeared to be angles stood at the gate.

The man looked with compassion and said "you have arrived here by your own hand, you may not enter".

I was over taken by an immediate awareness of where I was and at the same time by the terror of what was about to happen.

I could only utter, "Oh no."

All was silent. Silent for so long. All of my life passed before my mind's eye.

Then a voice from behind me, "This one is mine". "He has accepted me".

"I was bruised for his iniquities and I am his sacrifice for all of his sins". "He is mine and I am his now and forever more".

I turned to see, but the light was so bright I could not make out any detail, and then  a hand with large scar in the palm reached out take mine, and the voice said "open the gate that we may enter".

And all the angels said welcome.

----- Judith Sears

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