Sunday, March 10, 2013

Waters Personification by Judith A. Sears

An illustration of Matthew 14:22-33 from the waters point of view. 

The waters knew His step
in the instant of contact
the winds knew His prayer
whispered late into the night
the mountain knew His descent
the dawn, about to wake,
could sense Him
the lake blessed each stride
each foots impact
the waters tension held - unbroken
delighted to have been His path
to have seen His way
fearless confidence buoyed
a long way from land
accompanied by the turbulent wind
He went out
to those full of fear
and wonder caught them up
and He dismissed the wind
the restless admiring wind
and all worshipped Him.
The wave-reflected sun rising
illuminated the Son of God
walking brilliant on the water
the humble willing water
truly quenched with adoration.

©2012 Judith A. Sears

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