Wednesday, February 6, 2013

KARL NURSE - Front and Center

The question on a lot of people's minds: are the Rays trying to nudge Bill Foster off  the pitcher's mound and bring reliever Karl Nurse?
With Mayor Foster throwing nothing but lease laden hardballs, the Rays would like a little finesse in the game.
Nurse tossed out a slow high one last week when he suggested the Rays explore the Darryl LeClair/Carillon project for a new stadium as a deadlock breaker.
The Rays countered with an offer that the team might consider looking at the Carillon project for a period of time, if they could then look for a period of time at some options in Hillsborough County.
Nurse was quoted  "Outstanding. Anything that can be accomplished that can break this logjam is constructive,"
Mayor Foster, typically out of the loop said "This is all news to me."
Note to Bill Foster: This is what you call negotiating.
Over in Hillsborough, the Commission is expanding their effort bringing in regional leaders to help study the baseball problem.
Bill Foster finds himself being slowly surrounded by opposition to his position on major baseball.
The Pinellas County Commission is becoming more concerned and aggressive, the Hillsborough County Commission is moving steadily ahead, Bud Selig has had enough, Major League owners are getting restless.
Does  the phrase Custer's Last Stand ring a bell?
The Rays are looking for a moderate voice to break the stalemate and at least get something started before MLB  pulls the plug.
Much to the consternation of The Mayor and the City attorney, Nurse is walking toward the mound. Look for a stern warning to Nurse to be mindful of his position, maybe even a veiled threat.
The game is in the final innings, St. Pete needs someone who can do more than wave a lease in the Rays and MLB's face, we need someone who can actually get a pitch over the plate. Something everyone can take a swing act.
It should be clear to even the Mayor that the Rays are NOT St. Petersburg's team. They are a regional asset.
It make take a village to raise a child, but it's going to take a region to save this baseball team.
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