Wednesday, December 16, 2020

DeSantis Ignoring Reality

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Opinion by:  
E. Eugene Webb PhD         

There is an outstanding editorial in the December 15th 2020 addition of the Tampa Bay Times titled who is Governor DeSantis listening to on the virus, you can read it here: Who is Gov. DeSantis listening to on the virus? | Editorial,

Governor DeSantis continues to pursue the course of ignoring the reality of the COVID-19 virus and its effect on all Florida citizens.

For a while there, I thought the good governor was just following the Trump banner in search of an opportunity to run for president perhaps in 2024.

It now seems, however, that DeSantis has convinced himself that he is right; all the experts are wrong; it doesn't really matter how many people get sick or die in Florida, he is right, and all the experts are wrong.

It remains to be seen whether the charges related to the young woman responsible for the Corona virus dashboard, and the raid on her home were the doings of the governor's office or any other official order from the administration.

The Governor has made a mockery of dealing with this pandemic. He has openly shown little regard for the health and welfare of the citizens of Florida, and of the tourists and the visitors to our state.

You will notice that the members of the DeSantis administration are well out of view in the whole COVID-19 issue. Apparently, they have fully recognized that contradicting the governor can be hazardous to their future and their careers.

This muzzling of officials who would normally be out working to protect the citizens and providing information to help them make good decisions are, at least to me, a total advocating of the responsibility of the governor's office.

DeSantis needs to be held to account, there needs to be a state investigation if not a federal investigation into the possibility of dereliction of duty.

For the record, I voted for Ron DeSantis for governor, at this point I can truly say it's one of the very few votes I've cast that I totally regret.

I thought there was more integrity there, more sense of right and wrong more concerns for life and death, I guess I was just mistaken.

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