Sunday, December 6, 2020

COVID-19 - Help Make This the Last Super Spreader Holiday


Opinion by:  
E. Eugene Webb PhD

In the next few days, we may all be faced with some of the biggest decisions we have to make regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

 It will simply boil down to are you going to follow the guidelines given by the Center for Disease Control, the CDC, or the directions and pleas from the medical professionals regarding COVID-19 or are you going to succumb to the pleadings of the sports leagues, the bars, the restaurants and those requests from your family to come home and most of all the errant babbling of the Florida governor.

It's no wonder a lot of us are conflicted regarding what to do about the COVID-19 virus. On one hand, we have Anthony Fauci and the other infectious disease experts literally begging us to stay home wear masks and stay distant. On the other hand, we have everyone from the jocks to the governor telling us to do just the opposite.

So, who do you believe? Who do you trust? Do you trust the disease experts who've spent their lives and careers and the medical professionals who are seeing the results of our actions related to the COVID-19 virus play out in real time, or do you trust the people who make their living playing with a ball and selling you tickets so you can watch?

Or do you put your trust in a governor who's more interested in making money for small business and big business than he is protecting you, your family members and those around you?

When you have virtually everyone who knows anything about infectious disease telling us that COVID-19 is an airborne virus, highly contagious, and it transmits best in close quartered crowded environments, have you asked yourself why everybody out there who's trying to make a buck is asking us to do just that; come together, give us your money, and we don’t care if you get sick.

I think if I see one more college or high school football coach on television blubbering or nearly blubbering about his canceled game and how important it was, I'm just simply going to shoot the television set.

We've been dealing with this virus so long now that common sense is just literally flown out the window.

The question is will you go out of your way to either get infected or help spread this horrid virus or will you resist the temptation, stay at home, have Christmas with your family at home or over the Internet with your extended family and help us get this thing under control so that when the vaccines get here hospitals won't be so overburdened with dying patients?

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