Sunday, March 8, 2020

Why Is Everyone In Such A Big Hurry In Manatee County?

Tampa Bay, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
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I have been living here in Manatee County for about two years, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why everyone is in such a rush. It seems like even the secondary streets are a cross between a drag strip and a demolition derby.
Every time you look in your rear-view mirror, the car behind you is so close you can see the driver’s grimace because you are not going fast enough for them.
Even a slight pause as a stoplight turns from red to green brings a chorus of horns.
I am not sure why the County, and the Cities bother to put up speed limit signs because everyone ignores them. That could possibly be because one of the rarest sightings in Manatee County is any County or City Law enforcement officer actually writing a speeding ticket.
I have seen exactly one since I started living here.
You may have a tendency to blame this on all the snowbirds, but very few of them drive gravel trucks, and they are among the biggest offenders.
Take a drive out Manatee Avenue at or near rush hour. It is pure madness. I have driven most of the NASCAR super speedways at speeds in excess of 150 MPH, and I feel safer on the track than Manatee Avenue.
It is time for the Manatee County Sheriff and the local Police Departments to begin a serious speeding enforcement program.
Let’s get out there and write some speeding tickets and lots of them. Maybe it is time for some speed sensing cameras.
And for all, you horn honking, lane jumping tailgaters take a deep breath, and count to three (3) when the stop light changes to green. It will lower your blood pressure and help the sanity of those around you.
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