Sunday, October 13, 2019

Say a Prayer for Bernie – We Need Him

Tampa Bay, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.


When I heard the news about Bernie Sanders’ heart attack, my heart skipped a beat also.
In this election cycle, we need Bernie Sanders. Bernie is a true socialist. His position as a socialist has been steady and consistent for decades.

Not sure what socialism is here is a good definition from Wikipedia: Socialism.
In an election cycle where candidates have been rushing to the left and embracing some form of socialism only Sanders stands true to the socialist agenda.
Sanders form of socialism is more accurately defined as democratic socialism.
The point is Bernie Sanders is the real deal.
The problem with socialism is over the long haul it simply does not work. History is replete with societies and governments that embraced socialism and its purported leveling of social and economic prosperity only to descend into concentrated power, corruption and a denial of civil rights as the “democratic” part of democratic socialism slowly erodes.
Elizabeth Warren flirts with socialism but only to attract votes. She seems to have limited understanding of socialistic government but says just enough of the right things to attract some of Sanders's followers, mostly female to her camp.
Listen and watch carefully ladies, Warren is far from what she would have you believe.
Kamala Harris who sees the world through the lens of a tough prosecutor, seems somewhat fascinated with the power a left-leaning government might be able to yield and also covets those votes of Bernie Sanders followers.
Joe Biden gets the socialistic leaning of his party but also realizes that socialism, democratic or otherwise is far from the solution to the problems that plague our country. He also recognizes that themes like reparations for slavery, free healthcare for everyone and the rapid redistribution of wealth through invasive taxes could, in fact, allow this country to descend into the chaos we have seen in South America.
We need Bernie Sanders to stay in the hunt and stand there as a lighthouse and yardstick for the socialistic position while we as a country search for answers. The yardstick we need is not the perverted socialistic view of Warren or Harris it is the view of Bernie Sanders the Statesman, who has devoted most of his adult life to trying to level the playing field for have-nots and the middle class.
If you read or listen carefully to the Sanders positions and proposals, there are a lot of good and workable ideas.
Joe Biden should not make a rush to the left but embrace the thoughts and ideas of Bernie Sanders as a true Statesman and respect Bernie as someone who is not just about winning an election but about making a difference.
While Biden battles with Warren and Harris, he might be well advised to draw Bernie a bit closer to him.
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