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Gillum - DeSantis Will either one make a good Governor for Florida?

Of all the people running for Florida Governor in the Primary, we got the
two most feckless in the lot.

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.

Disclosure: I am a registered Republican. I will be voting for Ron DeSantis and for every other Republican running for statewide office.

I am not sure what the people of Florida were thinking in the primary election. Maybe it was the green algae in the air or the Red Tide or too much CNN or some of those mysterious electronic waves from Cuba but of all the people running for Florida Governor in the Primary, we got the two most feckless in the lot.

Ron DeSantis
For a non-biased view check out Ron DeSantis Wikipedia. Here you will find DeSantis’s views on everything from Cannabis to voting rights.

DeSantis graduated from Yale University and the Harvard law school. DeSantis went from college to the Judge Advocate Generals Corps US Navy. From there pretty much straight to politics.

The problem here is DeSantis has few if any credentials to run a governmental entity the size of the state of Florida.

Propelled by an endorsement from President Trump, DeSantis managed to parlay the endorsement along with a noncommittal and limited detail platform into a successful campaign and a Primary victory.

What would a DeSantis victory mean to Tampa, St. Pete and the rest of the bay area? Probably not much. Not much good, not much bad.

DeSantis will be playing to the national spotlight keeping Trump’s attention.

If Trump manages to avoid impeachment or removal from office efforts by the Democrats and run for a second-term DeSantis will likely be a prime candidate for Vice President.

Andrew Gillum
For a non-biased view check out Andre Gillum Wikipedia.

Virtually all of Andrew Gillum’s life has been tied up in politics. He is north Florida centric and has served the City of Tallahassee as a Commissioner elected in 2003. In 2014, he became Mayor of Tallahassee.

Gillum described himself as a progressive while others consider him a democratic socialist along the lines of Burnie Sanders.

Gillum has no experience outside of politics and his run as Tallahassee Mayor.
Gillum makes no excuses for his far-left socialist agenda, and much of his support comes from outside of Florida by organizations supporting the democratic left and far left agendas.
Much of what Gillum proposes in his television ads and print promotional; material should scare Floridians to death.

An openly socialist approach to health care, promises to raise the corporate and business income taxes, along with salary commitments to teachers that are all but impossible to create.

Gillum’s lack of any business acumen, his long-time residency in a non-tourist industry part of the state, no experience with agriculture and other key elements of the Florida economy makes Gillum a serious risk for Florida’s economic future.

What would a Gillum victory mean to Tampa, St. Pete and the rest of the bay area?

A Gillum victory would embolden mayors like Rick Kriseman and other left-leaning mayors to move toward sanctuary Cities; welfare programs would expand; Government would grow; business taxes would go up if Gillum could get them through the legislature.

The general business environment would quickly decline, and those over-inflated real-estate prices could come crashing down.

It is important that you pay attention during this election cycle. The devil is, as they say, in the details.

Gillum as Governor with a command of the Florida House and/or Senate would be a complete disaster for the state. Florida would quickly become the welfare capital of the United States, with a huge government.

DeSantis as Governor with a command of the Florida House and Senate might not be a whole lot better. Special interests will run wild, major problems like pollution, and immigration will go unsolved and the list goes on.

Best possible outcome: DeSantis as Governor (He will probably be gone in two years) Democratic control of the House or the Senate and stalemate.

Not much happens, not many changes, and we get to try and get it right in four years.

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