Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Transit Petition Winners: Vinik, Sternberg, Local Fishwrap; Losers: Everyone Else

Tampa, Fl
Tampa Bay Beat
By: Jim Bleyer

 By Jim Bleyer
The proposed $15 billion Hillsborough County transit initiative is primarily designed to rescue two failing private-sector entities and bring to fruition a taxpayer subsidized ballpark for the Tampa Bay Rays.
The fact that those bankrolling the petition effort are hiding behind a “non-profit,” tells voters all they need to know.  The front man for the effort refused to tell us who hides in the shadows.
But the motives are clear despite the group’s gross misnomer: All for Transportation.
It’s a Hail Mary aimed at bailing out former hedge fund manager Jeff Vinik, the Tampa Bay Times and Rays owner Stuart Sternberg.
Other major beneficiaries will be land use attorneys, downtown businesses, and the development crowd that drenches itself in undeserved riches courtesy of public officials like County Commissioner Ken Hagan and Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.
This is White Power without the robes, raised fists, and burning crosses.
The biggest losers will be those that Tampa’s hypocritical oligarchy say they are trying to help: low income minorities and retirees on a fixed income.  These groups—and everyone else—will be forking over an eight percent sales tax, the highest in Florida along with tiny Liberty County in the panhandle.
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