Monday, March 26, 2018

Robinson Preserve 5K&10K Run

One of the most beautiful and scenic running race courses in Florida

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.

This weekend was a great weekend for running races and Theresa decided to run the 10th annual Robinson Preserve 5K&10K Run in Manatee County sponsored by Fit2Run and host of others on Saturday March 23.
Since Manatee County will be our new home soon, this was a great opportunity to see the Preserve and enjoy the race.
Robison Preserve is a beautiful site currently under development by Manatee County and is destined to become a premier family park over time.
Over the years, I have covered many running races, and this event was one of the best organized and executed in recent memory. Hats off the race organizers and planners.
You can get more detail on the Race and the 700-acre Robinson Preserve here.
Running races are very visual events so the best way to portray them is in pictures.

For this event I shot over 1,400 frames. You can see these photos at 10th Annual Robison Reserve 5k and 10k Run.
In order to get these photos out quickly, they are the raw shoot and have not been edited in any way, so you may see some fuzzy images and out of frame pictures.
They are in the public area our photo hosting site and are available for you to copy or download at no cost for both individuals and media. So please enjoy.
By the way, after a bit of hiatus from running, Theresa finished 14th of 44 in her class.
Please take a look at the photos, like this post on your Facebook page and Twitter and share on Instagram so as many of the Race participants as possible can check them out.
We are looking forward to becoming part of the Manatee County/Palmetto community later in the year.

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