Thursday, March 22, 2018

City of St. Petersburg lacks reporting to know the noise and crime calls by time of day

St. Petersburg Fl
Public Opinion by author: Robert Neff

While the city owns the data, Mayor Kriseman and Police Chief Holloway have  a lack of reporting for addresses with repeat calls for noise. These repeat calls to bars and addresses are costing the City a lot of money to have Police respond. The City needs one report for noise at addresses and bars with repeat calls. They need to add another report for bars that shows the crime alongside the noise. Then they could quickly see if there are a hot spot and direct resources.

By reviewing the report, the Police would be able to quickly know there was a high number of calls at a location after midnight and on Sunday. Officers, especially community service officers, would know which bars and residences are repeat callers, and be in a better position to work with the resident or bar.

Unfortunately, the police have no stats to alert them to these facts. If they had this report and other reports, they would not be so inclined to target individuals as reoccurring callers when they hear the noise and or thumping inside their residence.

This report does not only use the calls to the location. The report needs to include:
1. Calls assigned to addresses in the area that were labeled as noise, loud party. ordinance violation,
2. Calls assigned to addresses in the area, but assigned to a residence or intersection.
3. Listen to audio of the calls because Police Dispatch may roll up multiple calls in a time frame from residents into one call. Thus, only one call is logged.
4. Calls assigned to addresses in a local intersection. The Police Call For Service Report would need to be reviewed to determine if the call was for the repeat address in question.
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