Friday, February 2, 2018

The NFL Boycott continues – alternatives for Super Bowl.

As for me, frankly, I think I am done with the NFL for good.

Well, it’s time for the big game…...

Will your NFL boycott continue or is the Super Bowl just too many temptations?  All those intriguing commercials (you could just watch the commercials on line), the hype, the grandeur how can you possibly resist?

I have been making plans for the last few days about super Sunday, and we will definitely continue our season-long protest of the NFL.

Here is a list of things you can substitute for the Super Bowl.

During the day:
Around the Bay - a day at the beach. Crowds should be small
Take in a Museum
Weather permitting take the family fishing
Then there are all those theme parks in Orlando about the same price as a super bowl ticket.

During the game:
Watch all of current episodes of the X-Files available on FOX Now
Watch the Indiana Jones Trilogy
Check out the Golf Channel
Crank up Netflix
Take in a movie, there are a number of good ones
Read a good book
Alone? Spend the evening at Starbucks – No TVs there

While the NFL players have moderated a bit, I think it is still important to send a message to the players and the owners. Nothing will send that message better than significantly lower TV ratings and a number of empty seats at the game.

It will be interesting to see what the NFL as an organization and the owners individually decide to do with the mess the players have created after the Super Bowl.

Look for the players to get more vocal after the season is over. The NFL is sure to get some serious blow back from advertisers, and those lower ratings should result in reduced payments in the NFL commercial presale for 2019.

The real question is will the NFL continue to allow its fan base to be offended by the players or will there be an understanding between the players and the NFL?

Only time will tell and as for me, frankly, I think I am done with the NFL for good.

Too much disrespect for the Country and the fans, too much poor sportsmanship on and off the field, too many poor examples of human beings among the players, and way too much greed on the part of the owners. 
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