Friday, February 23, 2018

Politicians are a sorry-ass lot

I for one took the anti NRA pledge Wednesday night. If you took money from the NRA, you will not get my vote.

St. Petersburg, Fl Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
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Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Independents it does not matter, politicians are not fit to run this Country, this State or any City or School board.
How many kids have to die at the hands of some senseless fool before these bastions of all things political realize we as a people we have left it up to them to do something.
Mealy mouthed, self-serving, self-absorbed, the only thing that gives them meaning is the little bit of “special” that being elected to some office provides.
I am far from a CNN fan, but Wednesdays CNN Town-Hall meeting was riveting television news at its very best.
Even Jake Tapper who is usually completely full of himself tried to stay out of the fray and let those who came to speak have the platform.
Check out this article in the New Yorker by Evan Onos CNN’s Town Hall on Guns and the Unmaking of Marco Rubio.
I have never been a fan of Marco Rubio; I never voted for him, and I never will. Wednesday’s Town Hall showed Rubio for the two faced chameleon he really is.
My disdain for Rubio goes all the way back to April of 2010, and my post Republicans Should Be Cautious and in July 2016 Rubio – Why would Florida send Rubio back to the US Senate?
When Cameron Kaskey one of the #NerverAgainmovement leaders asked Rubio, “Would you refuse to accept donations from the National Rifle Association in the future?”
I held my breath as here was the moment for Rubio to completely define himself. After an uncomfortable pause, Rubio slithered up to the NRA and said, “people buy into my agenda, and I do support the Second Amendment.” He added, “I will always accept the help of anyone who agrees with my agenda”
I was setting on the edge of the couch pounding on the footstool. My two dogs scurried from the room. The day before Florida House Republicans voted down House Bill 219, which would ban the sale and possession of semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity  magazines.  See the Tampa Bay Times article by Elizabeth Koh and Steve Bousquet: Florida House rejects considering ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
I have never been more ashamed to be a Republican.
Read Evan Onos coverage.
If the young people from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, cannot count on a “younger Senator” from their state who can they count on? Certainly not the Republicans in the state legislature who just a few hours earlier voted down an assault weapons ban.
I do not think any of this will change anything, at least not now.
The Marco Rubios of politics, and there are a lot of them, will swill the NRA booze and lap up their money and little or nothing will get done.
But make no mistake. We are raising a generation of children who will quickly become voting-age adults who have seen what the barrel end of the gun looks like and what it can do.
It will take years for them to get educated and experienced enough to run for office, and by the time they do the body count of innocent victims created by the hands of Rubio his elected partners, and his cohorts at the NRA will be large enough to ensure there will be a change.
Let’s hope the upcoming mid-term elections will see the beginning of a change from NRA domination to common sense legislation.
I for one took the anti NRA pledge Wednesday night. If you took money from the NRA, you will not get my vote.
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