Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Protecting the St. Petersburg Downtown National Register Historic District

Reposted from the St. Petersburg Preservation News Letter

We know our downtown has a special sense of place! That special feel was recognized in 2004 with the designation of the Downtown National Register Historic District. In particular, 4th Ave. N. has a rich collection and mix of historic resources, including the 1925 Flori de Leon Apartments, where Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig stayed when the N.Y. Yankees called the 'Burg their spring home.   

Pictured to the left is "Bezu" overwhelming the adjacent 7 story landmark, the Flori de Leon. The Bezu tower would be built atop a massive 5 story parking garage at the corner of 4th Ave. N. & 1st St. Bezu is simply too much development on too small of a piece of property within the heart of the National Register district.
The city's Development Review Commission (DRC) unanimously voted against approving Bezu, finding the proposed tower would be too tall and massive for its location. The developer has appealed that decision to city council.  

On Thursday, Feb. 1 at a 9 am pubic hearing at city hall. Council will decide if there is a limit to downtown development and if the special feel of the Downtown National Register Historic District is to be protected. It is time to draw the line and for council, like the DRC, to say keeping our city special matters!  

Making your voice heard makes a difference. We've made it easy to do so, just click here to go to our action alert page and send your message to council! Or you can write & send your own personal message. Thanks for doing your part! Ask your family and friends to speak up too! 

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