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Scope Creep- Kind of like sewage, Kriseman cant't seem to control either - February 2017

Where things the politicians want get added and things the designers screwed up get fixed by throwing money at them.

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin

December 18, 2017 through December 29, 2017 I am reposting my most viewed  articles from 2017 This one is from February 2017. 

You may have noticed that lately every major St. Pete project seems to be getting more costly.

Waveney Ann More Tampa Bay Times March 2016, St. Pete pier design costs exceed construction budget, forcing cuts

Original Estimate
Current Guess
$50 Million
$80-$90 Million
$20 Million
$34-$40 Million
Police Building
$50 Million
$70-$80 Million
Sewer Repair
$300 Million
Who Knows

In government, we call this scope creep.

That is where things the politicians want to get added to a project and things the designers over looked or screwed up get fixed by throwing money at them.

The Kriseman team and its fascination for all things bright and shiny is a project manager's dream come true.

Too busy banning the President, trying to establish a sanctuary city and blowing their own horn, the ground battle for cost control on these projects is lost among the details. It is called scope creep.

The Kriseman administration pays little attention to the detail. They put way to much trust in owner's reps and project managers. These are good people but just like everything else in a project, they need to be managed.

The issue of public art for the Pier is a classic example.

Instead of just saying no they are in search of more money for an insane addition to what is a quickly becoming an unseemly disaster.

When it comes to running the business of the St. Petersburg government, Kriseman has shown he is pretty good at writing a Tweet, chasing the silly and ignoring the will of the people.

All of these chickens are quickly coming home to roost and unless the Mayor, and his crack team of campaign consultants still on the City payroll can figure out a way to hold off the rain and delay the Pier until after the election, his honor may be in for some tough sledding.

I am starting my annual round of neighborhood association meetings and so far, when the Mayor is not around the comments are very negative.

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