Sunday, November 26, 2017

Post-Election - Kriseman shows his stripes

It did not take Kriseman long to lop off a head to show everyone who is boss.

Anyone who though they were voting for a kinder, more focused, rational and caring version of Rick Kriseman can throw those ideas out with what’s left of your Thanksgiving turkey.

Steven Marshall, who's Linked in Profile describes him as an Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Manager, CEM, LEED AP BD+C, CAC 1819103, CEA, CBCP and ENV SP was fired by Kriseman just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

See some detail and comment here: 

Watch for Kriseman to tighten his grip on control through these same tactics and continue to dim transparency as we move into his second term.

By the time we get to the January swearing in, it probably be more like a coronation than a swearing in.

For now, Kriseman has the ax sharpened up so don’t be too surprised if a few more heads roll.

Oh, and just in case you thought all the lying from the Kriseman administration would slow down there is this from the Charlie Frago Article, “Kriseman’s spokesman Ben Kirby said the mayor didn’t know in advance about Marshall’s termination.”

Do you believe that?

The only way Kriseman, who has no management skills, can get the staff under control is through intimidation and threats implemented by a growing team of henchmen.

This is a first for the City Management team and the rank and file. While everyone on the professional staff understood we served at the “will and pleasure” of the Mayor vindictiveness rarely played a role.

As the list of dark knights sitting at King to be Richard’s round table grows, professional staff may want to consider some representation and contractual protection to provide some insulation from what could well become a growing irrational administration.

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