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Politifact rates Kriseman Claim about poverty reduction in South St. Pete as MOSTLY FALSE

Rick Kriseman has built the biggest spin machine in St. Petersburg political history.

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin, So You Want to Blog.

Once again, the Kriseman spin machine takes the facts a bit out of context to overstate a point. You can get the details in an article By Allison Graves, Times Staff Writer,  PolitiFact Florida: Kriseman overstates poverty reduction in south St. Petersburg.

From the Times Article:

The statement

"We are seeing poverty being reduced in south St. Pete at a number larger than the national average, the state average, county or Tampa and Jacksonville."

Mayor Rick Kriseman, June 15 at a campaign event

The ruling

PolitiFact ruling: Mostly FalseTo support his claim about south St. Petersburg — which is not entirely comprised of black residents — Kriseman referred to data about the city's overall black population, not even narrowed down to the south side. And that data ignores critical facts, including the wide margin of error for Census city data that indicates there is no discernible difference between the years Kriseman highlighted. For a statement that contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give the reader a different impression, we rate this claim Mostly False.

There is much more detail in the Allison Graves Article, and I would encourage you to click on the link above.

This is just another example of how current Mayor Rick Kriseman and his spin machine shade the facts just enough to suit their perception of reality.

The misleading statements about the Pier, the sewage dump and now poverty, only make you wonder about Kriseman’s other claims related to crime, the south side, the Rays and the capacity of downtown wastewater infrastructure.

Rick Kriseman has built the biggest spin machine in St. Petersburg political history.

His Deputy mayor, Chief of Staff, Communications Director, Action Center, Water Resources spokesperson, Marketing Department and the list goes on. All dedicated to putting the best “spin” on anything that happens.

When City employees feel the necessity to request Whistle Blower protection, the spin machine is out of control.
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