Friday, January 20, 2017

Some thoughts on Inauguration day 2017

How will Trump govern amid all of this chaos?

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
Author: In Search of Robin

The election of 2016 left America not only divided but highly compartmentalized. It is not just Republicans and Democrats or even right and left; our divide is a series of compartments resembling a honeycomb.

Within each of the categories of Republican/Democrat and right / left, there are groups of individuals who are subsets of the major divisions.

Many would say the racial divisions are the greatest, yet within almost all ethnicities there subsets of differences about Trump and his presidency.

All of these divisions are being fueled by a nearly out of control media, that is losing its grip and influence on the American public.

Not only are we faced with new" politics thanks to the Trump Campaign, we are experiencing a new way to hear about, experience and feel that new politics through social media and the megaphone it provides to all of us.

Mainstream media challenged, used and criticized by Trump has lurched into a death spiral of tabloid style journalism that attempts to exploit every un-vetted report that pops up.

All of us are left to try to sort out truth from hyperbolism from all sources.

How will Trump govern amid all of this chaos?

There is great opportunity to facilitate change when chaos and confusion reigns. We see the traditional politicians lashing out at the new politics and the selection of leaders and cabinet members that are "untraditional."

When you hear a career politician carp about the lack of experience of a challenger or a new comer that is code for we do not want to upset the apple cart.

What we are seeing is the real reason why the country is where it is and that is simply the fact that the career political establishment fears and represses change.

Without a willingness to embrace change, little gets done and nothing ever changes.

The divisions surrounding the Trump/Clinton election are real, deep and in search of solutions.

How will you cope with this new normal?

The key to this may well be in where you get your information. For years, most people have watched their "favorite" news network or channel and formulated their views around what they herd and viewed. Today that is simply not enough.

To be informed in today's world you must do three things. First, get your information from a variety of sources and not just those who promote your views. Second, you must think about what you read and see. Third, discuss what you see and hear.

The election of Donald Trump is a shift in the political landscape of this country. The new administration may, with all of our criticism, help and support, set this country on a new path. Only time will tell.

For now, just like it has always been in our democracy each of us has a role to play to "Make America Great".

I simply encourage you to in kindness, respect and love for our country to find your role and pursue it with passion, common sense, respect and honor.

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