Friday, August 14, 2015

Republicans in a full state of confusion

St. Petersburg, Fl.
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb, PhD
Coauthor of: So You Want to Blog

It was one wild week with everyone jumping through hoops including Fox News management, as they seemed to bow, at least slightly to Donald Trump's complaints about fair treatment.

Biggest winner of the debates is Carly Fiorina, note I below that I am a contributor to her campaign, who was stellar in her early debate appearance.

The next question for the Republican Party may well be which CEO should they be the most concerned about.

I like Carly. As soon as the media quits harping on the people she laid off at Hewlett Packard and starts listening to her solid answers to questions on major issues her true qualities for the office of President will become obvious.

Some may think it is a bit of a stretch but both Trump and Fiorina would govern in an entirely different way. They would assemble outstanding staffs of non-political operatives to address key issues and political operatives to deal with the political process.

Both of them would have the ability to attract the best and brightest to public service and then maybe we would actually get some solutions to the massive problems we face. Both abhor bureaucracy and would work to reduce it.

Trump could attract tremendous talent but the Trump administration would probably look like the Apprentice on steroids. Turnover in a Trump administration would likely be high, since every time someone really screwed up the Donald would simply fire them. What refreshing thought in government.

Fiorina has already said she would immediately begin reducing the size of government by not replacing retiring federal employees. Once they begin to realize that they will actually have to work, retirements should really pick up.

None of this is as simple as either candidate would make it sound but Fiorina has done the downsizing piece on large scale and knows the ins, outs and pitfalls. Her exposure to world leaders fits well and there is no question of her commitment to this Country.

More than likely as Carly Fiorina continues to layout specifics, develop positions, rise in the poles and media coverage she and Trump will collide. It could just be at this next debate. Watching the CEOs battle will be a whole lot more entertaining than watching Bush argue with anyone.

Then there is the most terrible thing that any Republican party boss or operative could imagine.

A Trump/Fiorina merger.....OMG

Unlikely?  Impossible?  Probably. But it is an intriguing thought since the President cannot "fire" the vice president.

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