Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Former Mayor Rick Baker Speaks to the Pier Selection Process

By: E. Eugene Webb, PhD
Coauthor of:
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In an impressive op-ed in saintpetersblog, Rick Baker op-ed: Build Destination St. Pete Pier, former St. Pete Mayor Rick Baker lays out the case for selecting Destination St. Pete Pier.

"Rather than selecting a design that falls short of our city’s expectations, the Pier Selection Committee should embrace the public input required by the mayor, listen to the clear will of the majority of St. Petersburg residents and move forward with the development of Destination St. Pete Pier," Rick Baker.

This op-ed is a must read if you are following the St. Pete Pier drama.

Elsewhere on saintpetersblog, Janelle Irwin's post: Former St. Pete Mayor Rick Baker breaks the silence on Pier debate; endorses Destination St. Pete Pier is an equally important read.

Whether your a Rick Baker fan or not, almost everyone agrees the former Mayor has his finger on the pulse of the City.  Baker and lot of other people don't want to see St. Pete torn apart again over the Pier because of special interests on the Committee or a Chairman who wants his way.

We could also use a little more leadership from the current Mayor than ,"Build the damn Pier."

If you're looking for the op-ed in the local newspaper, you won't find it.  Baker's op-ed is a saintpetersblog exclusive.

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