Friday, May 30, 2014

Know the GreenLight Ordinance Before you Vote

If you have not actually looked at what we being asked to put into law with the GreenLight referendum, take a few minutes to read the Ordinance and my analysis. Click here:  Sales Tax (GreenLight) Ordinance Review

Here are few comments from people who have read the GreenLight Sales Tax Ordinance.

Charlie -The more I read, the more concerned I become... with all the money on the PSTA's side this is turning into David versus Goliath.

Jack - PSTA is spending over $1 million in taxpayers' money to sell us on the Greenlight plan. They are using our money to convince us to let them take MORE of our money! They are doing a good job of selling us a pig in a poke. Then there is the Friends of Greenlight organization. They are the ones who will actually get most of our money - the realtors, developers contractors, Duke Energy (our pals who just raised our rates another 7% last year - they will get millions of $$$ every year to run the electric train. So far they have raised about $500,000 for advertising, half that came from the National Realtors Association. Of course a lot of our money will end up back in the politicians' pockets - that is why they are so anxious to get it passed. We all should be voting NO on Greenlight (or yes on another tax increase).

Brian - "As Always Sir, Right on Point...Large Article in Business Section of Times PAC today about Bristol-Myers Squibb coming to town...NO WHERE in the article about the WHY They Came here ..."Rail"...CHEAPER Wages -- Apparently the Biggest Selling Point that Florida has to Offer...Cheaper Cost of Living (1 and possibly 2 NEW Taxes coming to Pinellas County, not to Mention Tax Increases) for just how long...and Availability of Workforce...VOTE NO as if your ability to continue to live in "Americas Riviera" Depended On It..."

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