Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday March 30, 2014 Careful Charlie.......

I was a staunch supporter of Rick Scott in the last gubernatorial election, but I must admit I am on the fence at this point.

At least in my view, the election seems Charlie Crist's to lose at this point. I am not much swayed by all of the carping about Crist changing parties, in fact I sympathize with his of repeated mantra, "I didn't leave the Republican Party, they left me." I think he is on point.

As the Republican Party has moved steadily to right propelled by the Tea Party and other far right wing nuts, a lot of moderate Republicans feel they have been abandon and uncomfortable.

Rick Scott on the other hand is a lot like corporate turnaround downsizer Chainsaw Al Dunlap. There is a place in business and government for those who would come in and "clean house" so to speak. Confront the unions; clean out the educational system and so on. You can argue about morality, compassion and all of that other stuff all you want sooner or later someone has to clean out the closets.

History however has shown that the people, who do this type of work well, are generally not good long term corporate leaders. Dunlap recognized this fact, came in did his thing, was well compensated for it and moved on.

People like Dunlap and Scott bring great pressure and stress to an organization, and most organizations can only stand it up to a point then they may fracture.

The question Florida voters have to ask is has Rick Scott completed the task or enough of the task of  getting Florida back on track and is it time to take some of the pressure off?

Scott is an easy target. From his appearance to his actions he moves steadily forward not seeming to worry much about the fall out. Pundits love him and his continued ranking as the most unpopular governor in the US is unlikely to change.

So I think Charlie Crist needs to be careful about kicking Scott when he seems to be down and suddenly turning Scott into a victim.

Secondly, at least in my opinion, Charlie should be a little slower jumping on the Obama band wagon. It is one thing to embrace the goals of the "People's Party" and another thing to embrace a President who seems fixated on one issue, Obama Care, and weak on everything else. One hug was enough.

It would be a shame if this election turned into a referendum on Obama Care and Florida got lost in the argument.

Scott will go on the attack and stay there.

Crist can stay on the high ground for the most part and point to Scott's record. Explain what he (Crist) would do different and the former Governor may and find himself once again in the Governor's Mansion.
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