Monday, January 27, 2014

What's Up At St. Pete City Hall?

Things have been a bit quiet at City Hall. Not a whole lot of communication coming from the Mayor's office.

Lot of effort going into getting the entire organization gathered back up and headed in a unified direction. You can see the current St. Petersburg Organizational Chart here. Expect some more changes in the next few months.

We are 25 days into the first 100 days of the Kriseman administration. Key issues on the table are getting the effort started to find a new Police Chief, see my thoughts at Picking a New Police Chief and getting the Neighborhood effort rolling.

Some things to watch this week
CONA Leadership Meeting with Mayor Kriseman at City Hall Room 100 at 6:00PM.

Council Workshop following the 1:30PM Agenda Review, allocating $124,000 for Neighborhoods

On the campaign trail candidate Kriseman indicated he would be taking a seat on the PSTA Board. With the sales tax initiative and the growing opposition it will be interesting to see if and when the Mayor decides to fulfill this campaign promise.

Given the state of mind of the City organization Mayor Kriseman inherited, it is going to take a while to get things really moving.

The Mayor and his inner circle have made some very good calls on staffing changes, and with Gary Cornwell, who is well respected and trusted by City staff, as interim City administrator rebuilding organizational confidence should be a lot easier.

The new Mayor, his new staff and the Office of the Mayor are rapidly burning through that critical first 100 days. Some more information about what's going on at the working level and a win or two even if they're small would be a big help.

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