Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday January 26, 2014

Pinellas County
The opposition group to the transportation Sales Tax Referendum on November 4 publicly launched their campaign to defeat the referendum in Largo this week. About 125 people attended. If you're interested in more information you can check them out at No Tax for Tracks and take a look at my posts click on Blogs above.

GreenLight Pinellas
If you would like to read the actual Ordinance you will be voting on in November Click: Transportation Sales Tax Ordinance.

Take a look at what the next generation sees for public transportation in The St. Petersburg Tribune article  Students envision the future of mass transit by Josh Boatwright: In the coastal Florida city of Estrella Kai, 75,000 people travel from their apartments to the beach or shopping malls in pods that shoot through transparent aluminum tubes, hovering with the pull of an electromagnetic current.

Readers Comment on my Posts Green Light Pinellas Post GreenLight Pinellas - The Other view and No Tax for Tracks Launches:
---The first step is to improve the bus system. This is a necessity regardless of what happens later. A vote against the referendum is a vote to delay this important improvement long overdue. Vote for progress and to assist all those who need to get around and need or prefer an option to the automobile. - arthur finegold

--- Hey Bruce, it doesn't take $130 MILLION/YEAR forever to expand bus service. I am voting against Greenlight Pinellas because they failed and over-reached with their plan. I also am not fond of the tea-party screaming "no taxes for anything!!". Why not make some sense like, oh, I don't know, have a referendum for a half-cent sales tax increase for a 10 year period. That will fund the initial startup costs to institute bus rapid transit as well as greatly expanded bus service. Beyond 10 years, the program should pay for itself with little or no subsidy. 19th century light rail will never, ever work here. Embracing 21st century technology is the way to go instead. Self-driving cars, high-tech traffic control systems, lane-shifting like they do on the upper Selmon Expressway, etc. Vote NO on Greenlight Pinellas and make PSTA go back to the drawing board and come up with something that makes more sense. - Johann

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