Monday, January 20, 2014

No Tax for Tracks Kickoff meeting

Be sure to put a note on your calendar for tonight 7:00PM.

You need to be fully informed before you vote on this Referendum Issue. The Green Light Pinellas Marketing machine is in full swing this meeting is your chance to hear firsthand the other side of the Pinellas County Sales Tax Referendum.

You can read the actual ordinance you will be approving here: Greenlight Pinellas Tax Ordinance.

See if you can find in this Ordinance the kind of controls, limits or protections you would expect when a taxing authority wants to take $130 million of your dollars out of the local economy.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with public financing of public transportation but in this Ordinance the Pinellas County Commission opens your wallet, invites PSTA in and walks away.

There is a right way to provide for public transportation but Green Light Pinellas is not the way.

Join the effort to defeat the 14% sales tax increase in Pinellas County. Come to the Kick Off Meeting:
Tuesday January 21, 2014
 Abundant Life Ministries,
1550 Belcher Road South, Largo
Click: Railtaxfacts

E-mail Doc at: or send me a Facebook (Gene Webb) Friend request.
Get ready to vote "NO" on the Transportation Sales Tax Referendum.

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