Friday, November 29, 2013

An Ode - The Day After Thanksgiving

Twas the day after Thanksgiving;
The blackest of days;
When the worse in humanity;
Is unleashed from its cage.

They showed up in droves;
They came by the scores;
And stood in long lines;
Outside of the stores.

Then the moment arrived;
Get ready, set, go;
They rushed in the store;
To conquer the foe.

Like warriors they charged;
Reaching, grabbing and pushing their way;
Up the aisle they did march;
This was, after all, the only day.

To get the big deals;
You have to be quick;
Be on top of your game;
An be pretty slick;

Then I heard through the store;
Someone shout with dismay;
I was here first;

Get out of my way.

A scuffle ensued;
There were shouts and few threats;
The police had to be called;
And a few placed their bets.

When it was all said and done;
They both went to jail;
And that’s how it went;
On Black Friday from hell.

- Theresa Webb

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