Sunday, October 6, 2013

SUNDAY October 5, 2013

St. Pete Elections

If you missed the responses to your 5 questions for the City Council and the Mayor's Race here are the links.

District 4
District 2
Mayoral Candidates

Your mail in ballot should have arrived. Be sure to open it, vote and SIGN the back of the envelope.

Next week I take each of your questions and Post all of the candidates' responses. This lets you see how all of the candidates feel about each of the issues.

More Changes around town as the renaissance ebbs and flows

Ringside closing as Trader Joes comes to town

Garden closes as things get tougher downtown.

The Columbia restaurant folks are going to wait on the new Pier, it will be interesting to see what kind of a deal they get from the NEW mayor.

Big Al murdered?

Big Al the south side gator of some fame was trapped and killed by Jovan Johannessen. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating and said Johannessen should not have hunted within the City limits.

The neighborhood is up in arms.

Sounds like a paid hit to me.

Market is Back

Saturday Morning Market returned this week. Be sure to put it on your calendar for next Saturday. Be sure to check out the fresh bread.

Komen Race for the Cure

Great event Saturday. As always very moving. The walk portion seemed bigger than ever. Included above are a few  "Faces" of the event.

Mayor Misses Again

Looks like the Expert panel the mayor conjured up with the help of his buddies over at the Chamber may have backfired. Some of the initial recommendations are so incendiary the
report should be handled by the Fire Department.

That makes Foster 2 for 2 in the group planning for the Waterfront. The 828 Alliance turned into a debacle and now it looks like the out of town folks handed his honor another hot potato. Keep looking Bill sooner or later you'll find someone who agrees with you.

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