Sunday, October 27, 2013

SUNDAY October 27, 2013

St. Pete Elections
This is the last official week of the campaigns. We have seen the St. Pete mayors race turn into a fully partisan event with both statewide parties pumping almost incredible amounts of money into the election.

St. Pete Politics has forever changed.

Rick Kriseman goes into the week with a respectable lead in the polls. You can follow my views of the Mayor's Race next week as I repost some of your questions which Bill Foster refused to answer, but Rick Kriseman went on the record.

Most important City Council race to me now  is the Kennedy/Margeson race in District 2.

I was there when Kennedy was appointed and there while he served as a Council member. In my personal experience, I think you have to go ways back to find a worse representative of the people.

Kennedy was appointed to City Council, and he was handpicked as the then current administration was looking for someone who was not to aggressive (he sleeps a lot) and not an advocate.

Kennedy has fulfilled the objectives admirably.

Unfortunately he has failed to represent his District and the people of St. Petersburg for his entire time on Council.

Lorraine Margeson will represent YOU well.

Bill Young
We all lost something with the passing of Congressman Young.

Congressman Young did not necessarily go easy through life and he did not easily pass on from this world. From controversy about the announcement of his passing, the quickly evolving discussions about his replacement, and the dis-invitations of certain political operatives from his wake, it was an interesting week to say the least

One thing I am sure of, the heavenly House of Representatives is a better place today, and the neighborhood where that mansion specially prepared for Bill Young is located could not have a better angel representing them.

The Pier
Once again a poll has shown the significance of the Pier in St. Pete voters minds .In a recent Poll (Bay News 9, Tampa Bay Times, WUSF Public Media), The Pier topped the list as the thing most voters are concerned about.

The only way you have a say is to VOTE. Be sure to find that mail in ballot mark and send it in, or make a note on your calendar to vote on Tuesday November 5.

Enjoy a great Sunday - The Bucs can't lose today.

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Campaign Disclosures: Contributor to Kathleen Ford Campaign, Darden Rice Campaign, Concern Citizens of St. Petersburg, Rick Kriseman for Mayor, District 2 Lorraine Margeson

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