Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday October 20, 2013

St. Pete Elections
The debates continue to be rehashes of the same questions. However in Tuesdays' Bay News Nine/Tampa Bay Times debate, Mayor Bill foster seemed to acknowledge that the Rays will someday leave St. Pete and the Trop filed area will be up for redevelopment.

Also surprising to me is the way the current crop of candidates is wildly endorsing Green Light Pinellas transportation tax. This is a tax referendum that imposes the most regressive of taxes, a sales tax, on all of us, probably forever. See my POST LIGHT RAIL Maybe an Opportunity

I do like the fact the Mayoral candidate Rick Kriseman has said he will serve on the County transportation board, instead of delegating it to a Council Member.

Jim Kennedy continues to poll well, despite the fact he has stood for almost everything the public is against. He is for RED LIGHT CAMERAS, late night bar openings, the LENS and against any and every opportunity the public has wanted to express their desires.

You can Vote in very St. Pete Race.
Remember, this is a general election and YOU can vote in every race. Be sure to vote for your choice in each Council District and the Mayor's race.

Congressman Bill Young passed away over the weekend
In Bill Young's passing, we lost not only a representative of the people but a true Statesman. We can ill afford the loss, since statesmanship has become a rare commodity in Washington.

The Congressman will be deeply missed.

Police department retirements
Interesting story by Kameel Stanley in the Tampa Bay Times Two black leaders at the St. Petersburg Police Department retire. There are a number of exceptional African American and other minority officers rising through the ranks, unfortunately they did not fit in with the old guard. May these retirements will open up some real opportunities.

St. Pete Grand PRIX
In case you missed it Honda has dropped its sponsorship of the St. Pete race. More than likely due to seriously flagging interest in all motorsports. Even NASCAR is suffering. Does kind of make you wonder if there was another meeting that Mayor Bill Foster forgot about.

Weeds and Banks
Remember when there was a Savings and Loan on every corner in town? Followed by the savings and loan disaster. Now it seems there are Banks sprouting up on every corner in town. Kind of makes you wonder where they get all of that real estate investment money. Especially when you hear all of the bankers crying about how low interest rates are. Maybe they know something.

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