Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Vote for Kathleen Ford for Mayor?

You only need to go to your mail box to find the answer. You should have received a slick mailer from The Council for Stronger Neighborhoods, a group connected to the Florida Realtors, seriously bashing Ford.
The name is interesting. Council for Stronger Neighborhoods. Seems they share the same address as the Florida Association of Realtors. Do they really care about your neighborhood? Only when the house they have listed in your neighborhood.
In the interest of full disclosure I can’t stand realtors. They rank several notches below used car sales people and members of congress on my list of people I don’t trust.
The real question is why is this group so interested in keeping you from voting for Kathleen Ford?
Answer: They want someone in the mayors’ office who is a poor leader and easily manipulated: Bill Foster, or their second choice would be someone so beholden to the Democratic party that a quick call to party headquarters followed by a check will result in a favorable out come on the issue of the moment, Rick Kriseman.
The second reason is all of these people know the economy is going turn up and there will plenty of money to be made downtown and elsewhere in St. Pete if they are in a position to pull the strings at City Hall.
Finally, the thought of a truly people centric local government scares the hell out of these people.  With limited ability to manipulate the process and the politicians they would actually have to work to get their way.
Rarely have I seen the elite and big money players in St. Pete so rattled at the prospect of someone becoming mayor.
So look in your mail box and read that stuff carefully. Political attack ads work and they are especially informative if you take the time to figure out the real motive and who is behind them.
Note the dates, times, references and the sheer desperation evident in the material. Then ask yourself why anyone would be that desperate to keep you from voting for Kathleen Ford?
The answer is very simple. Ford wants to represent you not them. She wants you to run your City, not the realtors, the Chamber of Commerce or Beach Drive. She really wants strong neighborhoods, not some phony Foster like attempt.  Most of all she wants you to have a say in your government.
If you decide not to vote for Kathleen Ford, the next time you need some help from City Hall try calling your realtor and see how that works out for you.
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