Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday August 18, 2013

St. Pete ElectionsThere will be a radio debate about the LENS on election day. If you have not already voted or made up your mind check out William Mansell Post for places and times you can hear the debate Pro, Anti LENS Groups to Debate Pier Project.
The best reasons to vote for Kathleen Ford for Mayor keep showing up in your mail box every day. If the people with all that money don't want Ford to win bad enough to push all of this crap out, there must be a reason. There is. They don't want to be forced to deal with a Mayor that will put you first. Watch for my Post next week.

CrimeCrime, notably auto thefts, were in the news this week, message from the St. Pete PD don't leave your keys in your car. Thanks for that.  Now maybe the PD could work at catching the people who actually steal the cars.

More Downtown BoozeCycle Brewing opened this week at 534 Central Avenue. Grand opening will be in September. I suspect Councilmember Jim Kennedy will show up.

RaysBud Selig ratcheted up the rhetoric once again on the Rays. Bud talks a lot but he rarely does anything. The biggest problem is if he screws St. Pete over, a lot of the MLB  cities and potential ones might get more cautious about MLB deals. I wouldn't discount Mr. Selig completely, but he may just be a toothless tiger

BUCSIf your headed to a Bucs game be sure you know the new bag rule. Basically only clear bags, and tiny purses are allowed inside the stadium. Check out Grason Kamm, 10News New Buccaneers bag policy: Only clear bags and tiny purses allowed in 2013 at Raymond James Stadium, Bucs unveil strict new NFL bag rules.  So if you want to avoid a trip back to the parking lot best advice, leave the bags in the car.

We caught the first little bit of the Bucs Game Friday night at Buffalo Wild Wings in Clearwater. Food was good, game was a bit depressing.

Have a great Sunday.
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