Friday, June 28, 2013

Ford and The Tigers Den

I don't know if Kathleen Ford will finally accept the Tiger Bay invitation to what is not really a debate but just an opportunity for the political insiders to ask snarky questions.

Tiger Bay has been an almost obligatory stop for local candidates on the campaign trail for number of years. I have been to a few of the candidate sessions, members come with loaded questions to make this candidate look good and that candidate look bad.

The person that asks the snarkiest question gets "Fang and Claw Award" that should really tell you all you need to know.

The media usually jumps all over the questions and the answers somehow thinking there is any substance in all of this.

It sounds refreshing to me that a candidate would skip this circus which panders to some of the very power brokers that got St. Pete into the mess it's in and concentrate on more serious things like what the people in the neighborhoods want and need.

Ford is presenting herself as something new, something different. Starting right out by making it clear she's not going to come running when the local power broker political club calls her name may come with a small political cost but to me it makes a very big positive statement.

All of these folks have a place in the City its operation and political structure. It's just time someone showed them where it is.

I haven't picked a horse in this race yet but I am leaning toward Ford.

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