Thursday, October 28, 2010

Note Gate or How Sink sinks Sink

Form : Henry Boxlor
I always knew the I-Phone was evil. Now we have the unadulterated on camera truth. This highly adept little piece of technology has blown a hole the size of a bulldozer in the election process. What next? An In The Voters Booth AP where the candidate or his/her aid can instruct you in the voting process. Steve Jobs and his bag of shiny cased gadgets are taking over. It is nothing short of a hideous attempt to totally usurp the political process. Wait a minute… was it an I-Phone or a Droid? Who cares? All of this technology is just screwing up everything.

What is really striking about all of this is that Alex Sink can’t figure out what to do when faced with a full frontal attack without some help from a cell phone packing soon to be college grad. What will she do when faced with a real immediate challenge as governor? Probably text one of the few people she didn’t fire at the bank.

I am not particularly enamored by either of these two political wannabes running for governor this cycle. I think they are both far from the best this state has to offer in terms of talent to get things moving and govern effectively. Given the nature of the political process it is not surprising talented people don’t step up.

When it comes to running a state too bad there’s not an AP for that. Oh wait there is that Steve Jobs guy over in the corner working on something…Politicians take note.

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