Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Grey Wave- The Baby Boomers are Pissed Off

All of you 25 to 45 years olds better watch your back. The Grey Wave is rising like tsunami to take back the election this year. William E. Gibson, Orlando Sentinel reports “Pollsters and political analysts say that older voters — who have long preferred civility, stability and cooperation in Washington — are appalled by today's acrimonious political climate and increasingly convinced that the government cannot spend its way out of economic problems”. That’s what I hear; the old folks are pissed off. Those loud clicks you here when another attack ad comes on TV are the mute buttons being pushed.

They have had it with all of the political rhetoric, attack ads, party politics, war and failing economy. They are quietly talking in trailer parks, church meetings and at the coffee shop. They are going to vote, most likely Republican. Next time you see three or four of those golf carts clustered together, it’s the Grey Wave.

The batch of young voters that carried the last election may sit this one out, not much charisma here in Florida say between Sink and Scott. Crist, Meek, Rubio, no great reformer here, although Crist seems to stir some interest in those old hearts. Unless something very unique takes place in the next few weeks the baby boomers may well have it their way one more time. If you’re under 45 and want to have a voice in this election you better get your game on. Otherwise there are going to be a lot of smiling faces up at the club house on November 5th.

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