Sunday, November 13, 2022

Who Made Trump Trump?


Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD

Now that the midterms are over, and it looks like nationwide; the voters from both parties have handed Donald Trump a reasonably significant defeat.

As the pundits, political organizers, political analyst, and the political talking heads on the four major networks begin to dissect what happened on November 8th, there are already calls coming from the leadership of the Republican Party from conservative Republicans up through moderate Republicans that it's time for Trumpism to move on.

I also think it's time to take a look at who actually created the monster that Donald Trump has become. One of the more salient comments that I've heard in the last day or so is the sometimes often repeated that it's all about Trump.

Well, it is all about Trump. However, Trump couldn't have gotten into the place he is in without some significant help. And I think that help has come from the national electronic news media.

Who's responsible for the Donald Trump that we now see railing at the public? ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and the whole Fox system.

There is rarely a significant political story broadcast on any of these national networks that doesn't manage to somehow wiggle in a Trump comment or video clip. Either they hate Donald Trump; they love Donald Trump, or they just like quoting Donald Trump.

If the media is as convinced as they would like you to believe that Trump is a great threat to our democracy, why, then do they devote countless hours to droning on and on and on about the former president.

The fact of the matter is, that Trump feeds off the news coverage that he gets. It's the fuel that drives his internal political engine. It all really is about the Donald.

If the electronic news media genuinely believe that Donald Trump is a threat to democracy, then all they have to do to slow things down is to just stop covering Donald Trump.

Don't hang on his every word or his every move or his every rally. Don't show up with your cameras and your trucks and your people because all you're really doing is promoting the very narrative that you accuse Donald Trump of.

Those who rile on and on via the television screen about all the horrible things that Trump is, and only promotes his agenda.

The only reason why Donald Trump's smothers the political process today is that the major electronic news platforms in this country provide him the blanket to do so.

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