Wednesday, October 5, 2022

About That AFT $23 BILLION Rail Tax: Fact Checking Pro Rail Tax Supporters is Why They Refuse to Debate NoTaxForTracks

Tampa, Fl 


From: Eye On Tampa Bay
Posted by: Sharon Calvert

Deja vu! Over $212K of glossy Mailers of Misinformation from the Pro Rail Tax PAC, All for Transportation (AFT), have flown out to deceive voters again.

Let's breakdown some of AFT's deception.

First of all - AFT tries to deceive voters that a quote used in their Mailer of Misinformation is from the Tampa Bay Times.   

The quote below used in AFT's Mailer of Misinformation came from AFT's Chair Tyler Hudson. AFT's claim the Rail Tax is a "balanced solution" is just an OPINION that Hudson used in AFT's Pro Rail Tax Op-Ed published in the Tampa Bay Times on September 14. 

AFT insinuates this quote is from the Times. AFT fails to disclose the quote they used is their own OPINION from their own Op-Ed in support of their own Rail Tax plan

 AFT admits in their Op-Ed it is their Rail tax plan - not any transportation plan created by the County - that is on the ballot again. AFT's plan was crafted behind closed doors with special interests and taxpayer funded bureaucrat insiders, outside of Sunshine and with no public input.   

 AFT's OPINION that their $23 BILLION Rail Tax is a "balanced solution" to fund transportation in Hillsborough County is nonsense. 



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