Sunday, July 24, 2022

The World Is Round but Time Is Flat



Opinion by:  
E. Eugene Webb PhD

The James Webb telescope is about to change how all of us from the most noted astrophysicist to theologians, to the common man walking around, view our world and the universe that is around us.

The pictures so far are astounding. Once the things of science fiction, now appear before us being revealed by this magnificent scientific instrument from the very edges of deep space.

It's difficult to not be moved by these images.

Among an almost infinite number of scientific questions and part of the great mystery to potentially be revealed by this look into deep space is the origin not only of our universe or even of our world, but of us the humans.

The age-old questions surrounding the biblical representation of the beginning of time to the modern scientific view of The Big-Bang theory have captivated theologians, scientists, philosophers, artists, and many of us who walk around on this planet every day wondering way off in the background of our mind, where did we come from?

A lot of people hope that one of the images that will be acquired from the James Webb telescope is somebody out there waving back at us. The hope is that this will prove that there are other universe's other worlds and other life forms out there.

Problem is, if we should see someone out there waving back at us, since the telescope looks back over time, is that a new universe or is it just us waving at ourselves over a time warp of space?

The discovery eons ago that the world, in fact, is not flat, but it's round, and it rotates on its own axis while it rotates around the sun has given us comfort in consistency.

Interestingly, ever since we've figured that out, we've all been running around in circles.

The scientific community out there is going to be in a complete dither about the massive amount of information that the James Webb telescope is going to reveal during the time it survives.

Check out this article from By Keith Cooper: Dazzling James Webb Space Telescope image prompts science scramble.

One of the things that the James Webb telescope is already beginning to confirm is the fact that we are on a time continuum.

While our world and solar system reinvent time every 24 hours and approximately every 365 days, it appears that the time continuum on which all of this was created, whether by the hand of God or the Big Bang, is linear (a straight line), and continues to expand and move forward at an increasing rate.

Perhaps, through all the research from the information and images being discovered by the James Webb telescope looking back, we can begin to piece together from images of the creation of universes and planets to the death of those same universes and planets how much time we may have left.

There has never been a promise that all of this that we experience in this cosmic moment of time will last forever.

We already know from what little we've seen that the cosmic timeline is a harsh reality. Creation, and most likely life begins, and ends along the cosmic timeline. Stars are created and die; planets are formed; black holes occur, and universes disappear.

If you are looking for some comparative reading material, check out the book of Genesis Chapter one in your Bible. It's easy to find it's, the first book in the Bible.

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